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Hello Everyone,

Post HF21 & HF22, we have seen a substantial amount of change in the habits of SP Stakeholders. Creators are creating more content and curators are distributing their upvotes manually, to multiple users. Bid-bots are now diverting their business model to manual curation and other interesting services.

In order to improve content discovery on 3Speak , we have come up with some exciting ideas which can help curators to find the niche content on the homepage. We suspect that this can also improve collaboration and support among curators and creators.


What are Communities?

"Communities" on 3Speak is a different section on the Homepage just below trending section.


Example: We currently have 2 communities set up so far - 3Speak Team & Tommy Robinson. When you click one of them, you will be able to see videos related to that topic or group.

Everyone can setup their community on any topic of their choice that represents their niche. Consider it like a Facebook group or Instagram page that curates and publish videos related to specific topics be it comedy, memes, politics, cats, about a celebrity, sports, science, language, country or basically anything.

Setup your own Community

Setting up a community is very easy and anyone with a STEEM account can do it. 500 Speak Tokens is the one time fee. Check this post to understand how to BUY Speak Tokens:

  • Go to 3Speak's creator studio and login with your STEEM Account.

  • You can access the communities TAB on the left hand side Navigation panel.


  • Click on "Create Community" to open the "Community Creation Wizard"


From there you can add creators to your community. Soon we will be bringing in the admin feature so community owners can designate admins. Creators can choose to add their videos which will eventually appear on the community page.

Content Discovery on 3Speak

Apart from the Communities feature, we have some more sections that can help curators find new talent that has potential to go big:


We already have a separate section for Citizen Journalists who have been verified already by our team under 3CJ program. If you are interested to join in, please submit your application here.


Featured Channels

These are the the top 6 channels from the Leader-board. For more information, check here: https://3speak.online/leaderboard



This is the home for latest uploaded videos on 3Speak.


We think that all these features are extremely powerful for viewers and curators to find the best content and support as per their liking. It's our humble request from everyone to try out and provide your feedback in comments or by creating a blog/video about your experience.

Welcome to #NewSteem

Welcome to #NewThreeSpeak

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@threespeak, In my opinion it's important to have space where people can meet their favourite content creators or like minded creators which will make this journey more entertaining and productive.

HF22 faced lot of Criticism but in my opinion now the flow of Rewards and Engagement coming back to the square ⬜ which was somewhat pyramid in structure before.

One change which brought by Threespeak is, everyone is welcomed to explore this Ecosystem and in return of efforts and time threespeak and collaborated projects rewarding effectively which inturn give back the Sense Of Belongingness and Fulfillment to users 👥.

At one place Centralised system is throwing controlling chains on users 👥 at the same time platforms like @threespeak rised to the occasion and loudly expressing about the Decentralisation, Free Speech and about Blockchain Technology.

Yes, Steem haven't reached to dollars but it's not the right time because, if we see practical life, do you think every trending product and service is better than others, Absolutely not because who is on trending they took the right decisions on right time and their project, product and service took off.

So, it's really important not to fall for price aspect at this moment because it's a process and we never know what wonderful opportunities, collaborations and expansion steps are waiting ahead.

Keep up the great work team and continuous hard work and efforts are really appreciable. Stay blessed.

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MintDice will be joining your platform soon and creating content. Thanks for hosting this valuable service 3speak, upvoted & resteemed.

I created a community but it doesn't seem to show up anywhere? Also pictures both as a creator banner and thumbnails for blog posts don't seem to work for me, is there any documentation about this?

Hey I've been trying to use your service.. is there a discord for people like me to get help in?

Really cool idea Dan and threespeak team! :)

What do "Communities" do?
EDIT: The silence provides an answer.

The team is pretty busy with developments. You could always join the Discord to inquire.

i want to join on @threespeak platform and want to upload video in this platform but what can i do??

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3speak.online and click sign up. In order to upload content, you will need to login with your Steem account.

Wow thats good news sir @theycallmedan, i am going to join @threespeak now..thanks sir

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You want people to set up communities and join 3speak after you spend your time flagging them for no reason!?!? I have actually checked out 3Speak and watched videos by @themarkymark and @exyle but by flagging people like me you are losing people instead of gaing them!! I have been on this platform over 3 years and never get flagged, you had absolutely no reason for flagging this all original content that was also shared on many other tribes as well as Photo Stream and in Photo and photography which is what the post was about!! Photography , not a long drawn out story on Pizza, I see so much crap on steemit making well over 800.00 Steem that should be getting flagged instead of my little post that only makes usually under 10.00 steem if not pennies..
You can at least tell me why you @threespeak , @ocdb , @ctime and @howo flagged this QUALITY CONTENT post of mine :
Everything I post about is all mine, Original Quality Content, no wonder everyone is leaving!!

Also the Booster Bot has all new quality Standards and do not upvote crap or shit posts, plus Im collecting their Tokens in my steem-engine Wallet for my early retirement fund , like im doing with all other Tribe tokens in my wallet , which is why I used it. SEE THEIR POST HERE:

..you’re soo right....head up, keep on steering!...up!..follow you..

Thanks for your support, much appreciated! 👍👍👍❤

Hey!. I Wouldnt mind a feature ;)

If I dont let you know you might not notice

..keep on steeming!..

That is brilliant idea togo with it, creating our own community niches. I will try to create mine. Thanks for this features @threespeak!

Hey 3sleak team, This feature is great addition in the platform and you're so innovative.. appreciate your efforts. Great job

Wow, really good news that we can benefit from it, thanks you @theycallmedam,I'll join him right now and Invite friends to join me @threespeak





You're platform is very good but you're pade platform 24 steem

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The cost of the monthly bill almost covers the encoding cost for each user. The fee goes to support the platform. If you're not paying for the product, you are the product. Youtube offers "free" storage because they are a big data farmer that operates at a loss each year.

We are offering you a better solution, and in the future, our users will be paid to watch via ad dollars. We are still in alpha (says beta but really we are still alpha) - but at the end of the day our goal is to have must users being net positive at the end of each month via their interaction and time spent on the platform.

Hopefully you will pay the creators to create, before you pay the consumers to consume!
And before you pay the creators to create, you have to stop charging them to create.
When you can do that, you can move on toward paying consumers to consume.

We are very early beta, but the vision is coming together nicely. We offer a professional high grade video hosting platform where the videos are hosted forever. If we did not charge, we would have been forced to close the doors. Video hosting is extremely expensive. If you're not paying for the product, you are the product.
With that said, many creators find they earn much more then they spend on 3speak, and for us being in beta, that is a good sign. When the ad dollars start to roll in, most creators should be net + ROI if they are brining in eyeballs.

Has it been tried with curators earning more than half? Reason I ask is cause I feel like on YouTube there is many times more watchers, than creators. So wouldn't it bring in a lot more viewers, leaving only quality content creators to make content? I feel it would help lessen the low quality posts even more.

Hi!, thanks for the info of the program!. I will use it.

I already followed you on your Twitter account with mattsthonyit same as my Steemit username. And also , one week ago I joined the @threespeak and so far. I Posted my introduceyourself video. Thanks for bringing us the best video platform for free speech

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Buy CRYPTO INSTANT on https://www.ponga.id

Whoa, this makes crypto more exciting esp steem. And now we have 3speak apps to use 😊

Brilliant stuff guys! Loving the community feature! Video has a much higher re-usability factor than blogs do these days and making content discover easier and more relevant to users will really make it a more welcoming platform

With all manual curation removed from YouTube this will really make this project stand out and I think it’s desperately needed in this space

Keep it going

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Excited to be part of the "Deep Dives" community.

Awesome edition to the platform...

Good post

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This is fantastic @threespeak, we are new user, we already saving the 24 steem to be able to join your initiative, in a few weeks we will have the money to be able to subscribe, we will be there with you, thank you for such important announcements.

တယ္ဟုတ္ပါလား။ မိုက္တယ္

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So should one pay some steems as monthly fee in order to upload videos? I wanna try threespeak.

If the platform is valuable enough to you then yes. If it isn't then no.

@threespeak, Good beautiful morning! :)

I wish you the best in this world and many success in your project.

I would like it if possible you will send me an invitation to enjoy Discord? Please, thank you.

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. :)

Much love,


It's so great to see you are doing so well!! Makes me very happy!!!

I understand the reasons behind the monthly cost. Someday hopefully I will be able to find the money to meet that cost!!

Great job @theycallmedan and team!

I will prove this plataform, thank you!!!

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..sounds fantastic!...thank you for your efforts to make steem and the whole life better!...we will succeed!..steem on!..up!

Communities are the foundation of steemit and seeing this one growing day by day it is another stone to something great. Catering on same believes and hobbies is all everybody wants, so keep on going!

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