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RE: How Did the Syrian Economy Conduct Under the War?

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For Syria to be harvesting it's fields now is really an amazing feat. The resilience of the Syrian people and the sagacity of its leadership truly are commendable, and any who would deny or belittle them are incapable of full humanity. I am deeply humbled by their achievements. Everyone in the world might benefit from taking their measure, and undertaking to better enable these proud and capable folks to prosper out of the adversity they have overcome.



Appreciate your comment, very less people understand what the Syrians went through and how much sacrifice they did to defend themselves from foreign sponsored terror and managed to conquer it and not only save their country but also helped save the rest of the world from the evil powers.
Even Russian President Putin admits if they didn't side by Syria they'd be fighting the same extremists on Moscow streets, and that they wouldn't be able to side by Syria had the Syrians not been able to withstand the first 4.5 years of waves of tens of thousands of terrorists alone.

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I don't think most people can comprehend what Syria has accomplished. I'd call it a miracle, but flesh and blood have managed this very human victory over inhuman oppression and brutal predation. I consider it the sublime achievement of a people in my lifetime, and an inspiration for all generations to come.

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