eBay Sales For September 2018

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Sales were up 26.1% compared to August (which WAS the best month of the year).

The above pic was what I found during one Saturday of garage sale hunting. One of the days I can really get into the hunt as I still have a full-time job.

If I am not going around the town following my garage sale list, I am hitting the local thrift stores. My favorite one is where I buy the items by weight. I consider it a gold mine, and the proof is right here.

In September I sold 117 items which comes out to an average sale of $28.64. This is very similar to August, which was $27.68 per sale.

September sales.png

In September I spent $298.61 at thrift stores and a few hundred more at garage sales.

I also sold this boat trolling motor to a local person for $140. Paid $65+tax for that (this amount is included in the thrift store spending).

Minn Kota trolling motor.JPG

Some of my eBay sales were also consignment items.

My selling costs were $1,142.97. So let's calculate this all together.

Total eBay sales: $3,351.32
Craigslist sale: $140

Total: $3,491.32

Minus - $1,742.58
(Thrift store spending: $298.61
Garage sale spending: $300
eBay selling costs: $1,142.97)

Total approximate profit: $1,748.74 (of which $115.60 was given over to the consignment owner)

Basically 50% of my total sales, which is my standard margin.

How about you? Do you sell online?


Iam bookmarking this page for my wife. My wife and her mom have about 20 years worth of GSing ( that's their term for garage selling) And the deals they get are absolutely unreal.

They know how to scout out the best deals and negotiate !

But they get it just for our families to use. Maybe I can convince her to try Ebay. She could make a killing no doubt.

Anyway, very nice profit @getonthetrain :)

Hey, you can see that there is a great amount of money on offer out there. I go out with the focus on profit, but I do find stuff for myself at times. The thing is that I make far more money by selling things that you could sort of think that what I keep for myself is "free."

Sales are healthy! 117 items is a solid amount. Welcome back after your hiatus.

@getonthetrain It is all within reach but most don't want to get UP off the Couch....................

This transparency is awesome. I’ve considered selling items before, but don’t really know where to start. This has been very helpful. I would like to hear some of the more nitty gritty details like average time items are held, startup costs, etc.

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I mean if you want to do it, just do it.

I first started with a lot of about 30 PS2 games that I got from a garage sale. I used old paper grocery bags to wrap them and hand wrote the address on then took them to the post office and paid there, then entered the tracking on eBay from the receipt.

Now I have bubble mailers, a scale, and a label printer and it adds the tracking automatically.

What I mean is that your startup cost is exactly what you want to spend on the item to resell. You can then turn your profit into equipment (which I suggest buying used off eBay - so as long as it still works you can sell it for what you paid).

As for holding time, it varies. I can sell something minutes after listing, or months down the road. If you really want to turn items fast you can do 7 day auctions - but those often won't get you as much money as you could have gotten by waiting with a buy it now.


That is a lot of sales on eBay! They had you hopping and the USPS was probably pretty happy to have you as a customer this month! That's a really good profit for a month! It's amazing what one can do with eBay and local thrifted, found, salvaged, or garage sold stuff! Man, I miss that!!

I always hear about the USPS losing money and I am like "Damn, what you talking about? You get a ton from me!"


Great work! What's your main shipping method on eBay? Thanks for sharing!!

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Mostly USPS but some larger items go through Fedex.

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