Steem Picking: The Game Store Sniping Edition

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Board Game Haul.JPG

Can You Make Money Reselling Game Store Items?

The answer: YES! But you should be on the lookout for special clearance sales.

The local board game store announced they were having a sale on Facebook (this is why you should FB follow the local stores that have interesting items). Selected items were 20% off with an additional 10% off per item purchased up to a max of 50% off.

For my longtime followers, this is the same game store I wrote an article about 8 months ago.

Knowing that they have some expensive board games there as well as cool used games, I decided to check out the sale the other evening.

Here is my haul.

Board Game Snipe1.JPG

Board Game Snipe2.JPG

Board Game Snipe3.JPG

Like a pawn store, they check every used game they buy for missing pieces. Basically, they won't buy it if it is missing something. But if they do (usually something very minor), they mark it on the price tag.

So I don't have to worry about counting everything.

Some highlights of the haul are the 1844/1854 games. One is new and one used.

The Avalon Hill Kremlin game.

Also, Empire Builder is a pretty good flip.

Plus, some of these games look very interesting to play. So I don't mind if I get a chance to play them before they sell.

Anyways, this is a strategy that I don't see used often in the reselling community. It is retail arbitrage, but not from big box stores. Specialty stores like a board game store have a popular product that benefits greatly from online listings to expand the potential market.

Good items to look for are games that people like but are no longer made. Many of these games I bought are out of stock on Amazon and other board game sites. The rarity increases the price you can sell them for.

Avalon Hill is a brand to be on the lookout for as they have been around forever. Their old stuff can go for a nice stack of cash.

Do you like niche board games like these?


Board games have gotten so expensive!
I don't know the industry any more.
Even though i was almost into game manufacturing.

This is one haul i can't tell whether you would make money or not. However, i would have spent them money just for the games.

Yeah, these aren't the types you will find on just any shelf. These are special board games, but yeah, they make so many different ones of these on tiny production runs that nobody can keep up with them all.

Really cool sounding store! I used to go to a thrift store that had $.25 days, but it mostly had kid games. Looks like you got some interesting games as well - thanks for sharing! :)

The Trekking the National Parks game sold today so me and the wife played three matches. She won one and I won the other two to claim victory!

@getonthetrain I like gaining some knowledge about your game store sniping adventure.
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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, gave an upvote and a resteem.

I have the boardgame to the book/movie Starship Troopers that I got from a garage sale for $5. It's kinda like Risk only more complicated, and several decades old. One of these days your posts are going to inspire me to put it on eBay.

Does it have dudes in golden armor on the cover? Prolly could get $30-40 off of it, based on completeness and the condition of course.

Just dug it out of the closet. Yup, it's got the gold guys on the cover. Condition is pretty good. Don't know if everything is there cause I don't know what's supposed to be there, but it does have all the instructions, which are retardedly insane.

Sometimes the older games don't list all the pieces, but you can still check the instructions to see if it does state what is supposed to be there.

Otherwise, maybe the internet has a list.

Pop Goes Perfection! I love that game.😃

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