Steempicker Thrift Store Find: STEEM Electric Corp.

in #thrifting3 years ago

Steem electric corp iron.jpg

Who knew there was a company called STEEM before?

While out thrifting yesterday I came across an old iron. No just any old iron, as you can see this one is from the STEEM Electric Corp!

The sad thing was that someone else had already picked this up, so I could only ask for a quick pic or two. Unfortunately, my pics came out blurry so I grabbed the main pic off the internet.

Here are mine:

Steem electric placard.jpg

Steem electric iron.jpg

Looks like this company was active around the 1940's, but I can't find too much about them.

Here is another model I ran across on the internet.

The Steemeo


Steemeo. Sounds like a great name for an app around here.

Did you know there was a STEEM Electric Co.?


I had no clue! I thought you were messing with us at first. Then I read the whole article and realized it was real. I wonder how they feel about Steemit using a similar name.

Who knows. This steam iron company is long gone.

Lol, they are awesome. Steem before steem!!

That they are, I love the vintage logo and font.

If only you had found a little bit older of one, then you would have gotten the nice asbestos wrapped cord.

Mmm... asbestos