Shift to Thrift

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Now, lets talk about it. People who decided to thrift over shopping from big name companies have obtained some kind of shift in attitude and that’s where it all starts. Some, people may just want to save money but it really goes way deeper than that for me. Even, if the second hand item was a little pricey, I still would support it due to the very purpose it serves.

Why should you thrift?

Not going to make this statistical, sorry. If you want statistics, don’t be lazy, do your research but some things are just common sense. You should thrift because it saves you money most of the time, you find unique pieces that probably nobody else has in your area, you are being more friendly to the planet by shopping, and you can also get creative on a budget.

Lets break this down...

Personally, I would rather look like myself than look like every single person I know. I connect with fashion on a much deeper level when I thrift. Going thrifting is like going on a mini adventure wherever you are at the time. You actually have to search for items that suit you instead of just settling for cheaply made mass production clothing.

What happens when you thrift is you are buying clothing that already exist. That piece of clothing either was never used, lightly used or used for many years and is just plain good, long lasting clothing. When you thrift, you keep clothing out of landfills, which reduces pollution. It’s 2021, we need to reserve our resources and thrifting allows less resources to be used and wasted. Even, consider buying things that are only made-to-order. Mass production for what?! That shit if bad quality anyway...

If you are a creative person, like me, why not actually get creative? There are so many creators already using old and thrifted clothing and just simply revamping them. It is an excuse to say, “I can’t create because I don’t have money for fabric.” Go to the damn goodwill, and cut that shit up moe! Remember, guys everything is a mind thing. You must shift your attitude to a better one.

How to find the best clothing?

Here’s what I found out from my own experience. Large city, thrifting I don’t enjoy, because your’e going to find more bullshit than gems. Thrifting in rural and sometimes suburban areas are your best bet. I promise you the Goodwill located in the middle of a corn field is better than the Goodwill downtown. Also, consider thrifting on your road trips or even when you go overseas. If your’e from the states like me, have thought of thrifting during your trip to Italy? Or did you only think about Fendi, Gucci, Prada... I mean you might be surprised at what you find in the thrift in another country.

Make sure that you feel the fabric and actually examine the clothing you are looking at in thrift shops. Try on the clothing if possible because some clothing isn't true to size. But of course you can where clothing too big or too small if you want, its a free planet... If your'e thrifting online, you can't actually feel it but make sure you always read the description or product details before purchasing. Ask the seller questions, if need be. Think about how you are going to wear it, so you aren't just wasting your money. This may sound weird to say but you need to discern your clothing.

Some tips on what you can do with unwanted clothing...

You can first try to sell your clothing online, a local consignment shop, or even a stand at the flea market. Make sure your clothing is clean people! I love Goodwill, but everyone donates to Goodwill. What would be a better idea is to find local charities in you area to donate to adults and children in need. If you have a lot of women’s clothing, especially dress clothing, do some research on women centers in your area. There’s always going to be someone in need, so don’t be lazy and just take your clothing to Goodwill. And please don’t be the person who donates your most shitty, fucked up clothing to charities. Let it be fairly good clothing. Always wash and fold your clothing before donating to charities, and use paper bags so it is easier for the charity workers and volunteers to carry. Most charities are non-profit organizations and volunteer based, so just be considerate. All your'e doing is bringing them the clothing in good shape and they do the rest. I’d say, whatever is left of your clothing should go to Goodwill or any other store that takes donations.

Hope, you learned something today kids... until next time, change your attitude towards the planet and have a blessed day.