I forgot how rewarding being a sinle car family could be..

in #tickled2 years ago

It is 4:37AM
My inconsiderate neighbors recreate rabbits right above my master bedroom and my daughters conjoined bedroom, and I wish they would interpret praying Mantis..
When I realize, my wife and I got along better when we had one car.
This was before we had daughters, when my wife worked 12-15 hour nights for Fed Ex formerly known as Kinko's.
WE had to rely on each other more, because I had to wait for her in the morning before I went to work as a corporate slave.
In those days, it was me listening to rabbit neighbors by myself, no wife no mother no daughters. And I was better for it.
Since January 4 my wife seems to like me better, smiling more actually tickled when it seems I'm getting mad. Look? He's getting mad.
Maybe we take a chance 2020 and keep just one car?
Maybe my neighbors behave as Mantis, while I call the police to their blood curdling screams?