Tides of Magic adds Splinterlands cards!

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Hey everyone! Some exciting news coming out from Tides of Magic today in their discord. If you remember I wrote a post about Tides of Magic with an exclusive interview with creator and developer Alain G two weeks ago where we discussed the possibility of also adding Splinterlands to their very unique TCG that's aiming to include many different assets. Before today it had mainly been different ERC-721 NFT's but now they have also added Splinterlands cards from the new Splinterlands Untamed set and promo cards!

This is the announcement made today:



So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to the Steemit login page: https://tidesofmagic.com/#/steemlogin and login with your username and posting key to check your Splinterlands cards in Tides of Magic!

(You might even have some other cards there waiting for you like I did with Axie Infinity cards without even knowing!)

Here's an example of how they calculate the stats:


If you want to learn more about the game I recommend to check out this guide and give my post linked above a read! :)

If you would like to participate in their pre-sale I'd appreciate it if you used my referral invite!

For this announcement, the team at Tides of Magic will be giving out free cards to the first 100 unique accounts commenting on this post!

One idea could be to link a screenshot of your inventory in the comment if you want, I'll be doing that with mine! :)

I am very excited about this project and thrilled to see Splinterlands being added to it, can't wait to test out the beta which according to the interview should be out this month! Join their Discord to be kept up to date with future announcements!


why did my comment get so many cons? now my rating is very lowScreenshot_20200215-161427.png

Here's a vote to counter that.

Oh, thank you very much))))

I still can't find my cards anywhere, I'm supposed to have some untamed and promo cards, I'm excited about the game, I should also have some axys.

Hey, they show in the inventory. We'll be clearer on the details!

Nice cards!

What a beautiful appearance of the letters! I hope very soon the opening

Went and had a look. Seems that like a few others my cards donn't show. Also tried to take part in the https://tidesofmagic.com/#/steemairdrop but don't have any Ethereum to pay the fee. Appreciating Steem's 'free' RCs even more :)

Cards showing now 👍


im gonna try splinterlands after that, wanna get some TOM cards for sure 0xeaa3F8a5881e686a5DBD3a2dFf65882494782EDC

Integration with SplinterLands!
I once asked for it!

Nice to see a new type of integration occurring between games (games as protocols that can layer over each other).

We will see much more of it if the NFT as a concept expands to mean a world of interacting, tradeable digital cards.

This is the first I have heard of it!

Something I have spoken about for over a year now though... Going to go check it out properly now!

Nice! Will definitely check that out in a few hours <3

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Thanks! Here's to another reason why @splinterlands is the best game/dapp in Steem.

Excellent news! Can't wait to try it out. Have already logged in and hope they fix the bug to see all of my Splinterlands cards.

Seems interesting! I Will try the game 😎

Can't see any cards; nothing's clickable. I surfed around a bit, but don't appear to be logged in on any other tabs.

Just solved the issue!

Beauty. Thanks :)

Inventory page says 0 cards owned. I have plenty of untamed and promo cards.

Hey looking into it now!

I'm sure it's just a
Bug, they'll be checking out the
Comment section soon!

                 - acidyo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hey, hows it going we will be checking it out shortly!!!

cool, will try it out

Ah, anything related with "Magic" is my favorite lol

It's time to try this out SM players!

Cool. I have plenty of Splinterlands cards. I will surely check it out. :)

I'm so glad that all involved in this . I have nothing but this is the second participation in this airdrop. I hope I ever get something =) my address : 0x0a9eB0C4a56BBe1a39e974D4E8dac694bcd14baf

Hi! My comment to participate!)

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Hello I have the same issue like ohters. I can't see any card in my inventory


super game!
Без названия.png

We shall look into it.


nothing is loading. I have some untamed and promo cards.

Hey just solved the issue!

Please follow me

I’ll give it a try when I get to my computer.

Let me check it out and sign in. Thank you @acidyo, I hope this game will be interesting.

How interesting this game looks, I hope to play it soon. I still don't get the cards in inventory.


We will look into it!

Beautiful cards, Excellent!!.

I like it


Looks like I have a new game

Okay. My cards loaded, but after clicking the "Steemit Airdrop" link Metamask is asking me to pay like ~ $6.50 USD in "gas". I thought this was an "airdrop". Please advise. Thanks.

Screenshot (1554).png

Screenshot (1555).png

Hey, that airdrop was fo people who commented on the first post. What is your ethereum address and we will send you a pack!

Hi. I believe my ETH address is : 0x7B06c844262e211DE5d0209E26b69fB3d0fb7aF8 . I am new to all of this, but it has an option to "copy" the ETH address on the main Metamask page. Let me know if I need to do something different, and also please reply to let me know when you send the pack so that I can check. I assume I would check your SITE and NOT the MetaMask wallet? Please advise. Thanks.

Hey dude(ette). Where's my free pack?

Yeah, you can check the website and opensea (an ethereum marketplace) when you open your packs. I sent you 1 red 1 green 1 blue, you can open those packs on the steemitAirdrop page.

Hi. Okay, it seems that five cards were added to my collection. I believe these were added AFTER I confirmed some sort of transaction in Metamask, which also cost me roughly $0.50 USD. The image of the new cards in my invesntory is added below. To be honest, your user interface is a bit confusing, and I am not sure if there are now TWO MORE packs waiting for me to open? It also seems that there are two more "transactions" waiting in Metamask, but my ETH balance is now not high enough to follow through with those. Can you please explain to me CLEARLY how this airdrop works? Do I need to have more ETH in my Metmask wallet? Do I need to confirm two more transactions (for the "green" and blue" packs you seem to have claimed you sent (in addition to the "red" once which I believe I just opened)? Or have I now opened everything there was to open? I would LIKE to get more into your site, but to be honest, the UI is quite barrier. Hopefully this will change going forward so I can explore your site more comfortably. Please advise. Thanks, at least, for the five cards though. Maybe those will help motivate me to explore your game more deeply...

Screenshot (1594).png

Looks interesting. I'll check it out later today

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Tried the website, nothing is clickable so I can't login

Hey, you need metamask to be able to login.

Looks interesting. I'll check it.

Congrats dear brother 😍 😍
@tipu curate

Seems cool, I'll try that

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I still have a lot to figure out, but it definitely looks interesting


Thanks for this contest

But also I'm waiting for the fix of the issue
that my cards do not converting (appearing) in inventory


Working on it now!

For now I'm getting an error, not sure what it's about :D CC @tideofmagic

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 14.09.55.png

Hey, make sure your address is on the Steemit Airdrop page. If it's not send us your address and we'll send ya a pack anyways :p

Lol! I'm having no luck @tideofmagic! I did the Steem Login thing, but the error keeps on coming back to me :-)

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Don't yet understand where this is going but it looks nice :)

If I understand this correctly this should now move to my inventory? How long does that take (it's still empty)


Soooooooo excited, the game keeps getting better and better!!!

congratulation to the team and looking forward to trying the game
my adresse : 0x686ec32c61ae7d3ff16e26403ebea633274cdfb9


Oh, how beautiful the cards look like this

Весь в нетерпении. Скорее бы :)

Very cool!
Just loaded my cards.

What is not cool though are these high gas fees for opening those three "free" packs. Money that will not go to the developers...

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