Tik Tok is awesome !

in #tiktok4 months ago


I discovered tiktok just about a few months ago. I watch videos now every single day. I was creating more than I consume and now it's vice versa. Maybe we need something like this in hive now.

In case you don't know, tiktok is an application for short videos. It's really huge and it's even compiting with youtube in term of traffic. It's also chineese as I know.

So, why I think tiktok is awesome ?!

There are a lot of reasons :

  • It saves time because people record very short videos.
  • The SEO of the app is working very well.
  • It shows only videos you are interested in.
  • It's easy to grow there.
  • An other source of traffic.
  • Videos are very creative.

I was thinking to record a lot oif videos but I didn't do because I decided to learn more about it. I think for creators it's better to have a very specific niche to start creating there.

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