TIL that Adelie Penguins in Antarctica May Engage in Prostitution, Trading Sex for Stones to Build Their Nests

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Scientists have identified several cases of apparent prostitution in the animal world, including among chimpanzees (‘meat for sex’). The most interesting observation involved Adelie penguins, which live on Ross Island in Antartica. They use stones to build their nests, but stones are in limited supply.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge and Otago University spent five years studying these penguins. They observed females who were in relationships sneaking out and having sexual relations with other males. Afterwards, these female birds often took a stone from the male’s nest, though they sometimes stole stones without having sex also. When males were observed sneaking out to have sex at a female’s nest site, they never took stones.



It's interesting that the penguins are basically using these stones as like a currency. I didn't know animals did that sort of thing.

Yes, But can they dance?

It depends on the sex, if it's great, then probably. ;)

Sounds like most supperficial woman i've encountered LOL

Anyone here a divorce lawyer? Do you think "I was just going to get some stones for the nest" will hold up in court? Just wondering.

Didn't know this was something also happening in the animal kingdom.

So the female makes you think she loves you then robs you blind? Typical... :)

I have seen a documentary of male emporor penguines offering a stone to a potential mate. Is that prostitution? :-)

Do the partner penguins mind that they sneak out for sex? Do they ever find out? So much to wonder about here

Some use cryptocurrency, others use sex and stones..... Interesting!

Wait, University Researchers watched penguins have sex for five years?

Well, time to go do some more "research".

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