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RE: [TIL] Uber's Mindblowing Evil Plan For World Domination - of at least the transport industry

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Ya pretty interesting the way business works. I enjoyed reading your analysis of the uber situation while pointing out that this is really nothing new.

Sort of the a modern day tactics and leveraging the different tools available as technology progresses.

The internet definitely allows for this type of manoeuvre to go mostly unnoticed since most of us don't know wtf is going on behind the scenes of coding and the internet in general.

If I recall correctly, the portion of the internet that most of us (the average person) actually see is something like 1% of what actually exists behind the facade.

Don't quote me on this though ;)


I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, it's crazy what we're doing nowadays :).
We as humans are basically enslaving ourselves and giving away our freedom to technology and corporations. It'd be great if that was a concious and vuluntary decission but I'm afraid it's not for most people.

And you're quite correct about the interet :). There are many "Shades of Dark" (:D) of the internet many people don't even know about or would not know how to access (eg. Tor-Internet).

I just finished reading the novel "the Circle." have you read it? They also jsut made a movie about it...

Very much on point with what we're discussing ...

Holy Ganboozi (No idea what that is, but feels like a thing to say now :D). I just watched the trailer and THAT thing I want to see and read. Seems awesome and would be a great thing for discussion.

Thank you for recomendation :).

Ya I figured it'd be up your alley. It's quite disturbing and the book won plenty an award I think...

Shit get's crazy..