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Recenty a three series documentary on Anarchism was released and I watched it. It was actually very interesting and I learned some fascinating facts that I did not know. In fact, I did not know anything about history of Anarchism so this was a nice primer and a good push to realisation that for example anarchocapitalism is so much different from other types of Anarchism.

You can find the documentary here

Few interesting facts that might make you watch it

  • Collectivist Anarchism arise from the same branch as Marxism (which also had a goal of creating a stateless society)
  • Anarchists supported Bolsheviks and Lenin
  • Anarchists assassinated many "Masters" before the WW1
  • There were huge Anarchist communes in big part of Spain that were a perfect Anarchist experiment and that was deytroyerd by fashists.
  • Working Unions were a huge instrument of Anarchists
  • Very often they all almost died and somehow risen back couple decades later

Let me know what you think of it.

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I knew little. But I learned a lot from you. thanks. Upvote @joewantsfreedom

Of course Unions are a necessary instrument to anarchy.

Why? with my understanding of Anarchy, etc. it seems like Unions are just another group of people who gang up and forc other people to do what they want them to do.

Ah man, I don’t think you could be more incorrect. I’m a retired Union Electrician after 22 years of service. If not for my Union, my employers would’ve been like non union employers and do things like keep the weekly clock under 40 hours so they don’t have to offer health benefits. Straight time on the weekends, no collective bargaining, protocol where without a Union, you’re helpless. Whereas regardless of the hours or day, a Union backed employee is compensated according to the rules they’ve set by voting as a group. Not to mention basic idealogies the working class people of America depend on today were fought for by Unions. Men and women actually fought and died so you’d have the rights you do now, such as: women voting, paid family leave, disability insurance, health insurance, double time on the weekends, paid training, occupational safety and the list goes on for quite some time.
Thanks for asking the question though! I’ve seen and heard all the Union negativity for a couple decades now and I don’t mind sharing what I know, I don’t disapprove any of their opinions.
I have a lot of friends who are in their 40’s and they’re just now starting to fund some type of consistent pension for themselves. While their really good friend of the same age, thanks to a Union, retired with 4 pensions and 1 annuity which his wife will continue to receive should he be the first to die.
Thank you Union people! Please continue fighting for what’s right in the work place.

There have been anarchist unions and many anarchists are union members. Anarcho-syndicalism is a flavor of anarchism based off unions. IWW is the most obvious example. Anarchists would all have a problem with the popular modern union for sure, with top down structure and how they are beholden to political parties but it doesn't mean if that is the only option we should just refuse to support it. Like dandays said above having workers organized is always better than not because the organized workers will always be able to demand more "fair" wages, work rules, etc.

Decent article about anarchism and unions. http://anarchism.pageabode.com/anarcho/there-is-power-in-union