Making the Most of Your Time

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Do you think you get less done than you should? Personally, I think I do. I think I should achieve more than I do achieve in a day.
I am sure many of you feel the same way too. Many people wonder, "How did this person achieve so much in so little time?" Where did my 24hrs go?" and even "Where did my life go?" Perhaps one or more of these ideas will help us:

1. Realise you will feel way better if you get more done

Many people do not make a step to try and manage their time better because they don't think it will matter much. Perhaps they're just bad at getting things done, so they give up. But while you may never be good at accomplishing what you set out to do, you'll definitely feel better and get more accomplished if you take those proverbial baby steps. As soon as you finish reading this, ask yourself, "what is it that I should get done?"
Then break it down to one-second tasks: open the book, pick up the pen, turn on the computer, whatever. Then move on to the next, etc.
You build momentum as you continue and gradually but steadily, you'll get it done and will feel better instantly even if the task is as mundane as taking out the trash. You can ask for help if you don't know how to break a task down to baby steps. Don't be embarrassed. Everyone needs help.

2. Be conscious of time

Finally come to accept that time is your most valuable possession and is available to you in the same amount just as Bill Gates. We all have no more no lesson 24hrs in a day, and with every second that passes, you cannot get it back. We all have heard of how valuable time is to us but most people don't fully take it in. We also know that we have only a certain number of heartbeats in a day.
Making the most of these heartbeats is pertinent to having a life well-led.
That doesn't necessarily mean having as much fun as possible. You could decide to waste all your heartbeats on sex, rock 'n roll, drugs and you would have crazy fun but your time here on Earth would not be worthwhile than that of someone who chose to be more productive and improved a lot of lives.

3. Be time-effective

It is very possible to be time-conscious and still get far less done or accomplished than you want or should. The key to overcoming this is having a little voice over your shoulder always asking you, "what's the most time-effective way to do this?"
Remember, not the fastest way, not the best, but the most time-efffctive. The way that will produce the greatest benefits for every moment spent.

Authored by @Datibomchic


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Thank you for this helpful tips.

Proper time management is key to our success in life, you can't be wasting your time and be expecting the result of those that are putting their time to work.

Hard work originated from lack of proper time management, if you fail to do what you supposed to now, you have double to do in the next minute, and that's hard work!

You can't be more right. Thanks for reading.

Well.....Distraction is also an issue here. It could be becoming envious of someone who you think has it all and then your day gets slowed down , it could be trying to achieve everything all at once.

Depression is another factor also. There are so many other reasons why one might not be able to manage their time.

Thanks for your contribution.

Well said, i must confess i am a victim of ''procrastinating'' but with the way you broke it down i now know how to use my time effectively with procrastinating anymore. Thanks for the crucial update, followed you!

Thanks for reading @oghie. Following you now.

This was true in the past, but not now. I've been through a few crises that alerted me to how little opportunity we may have to accomplish something. The challenge is to know what you want to do, to change what you know as you go along, to be open to new possibilities. Most of all, I think the challenge is to be generous while pursuing our individual goals. In the end, it's how we affect others the becomes our most important legacy.
So, sorry, I don't think I could accomplish more with the resources I have. And life has made me modest in expecting what I may achieve.
Good post. Made me think. Can't upvote anyone until tonight because I was a little too active yesterday.

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