TinyArtChallange ~ Week #4 ~ Theme announcement: Abstract Patterns // REWARD POOL: 20 SBD'S //

Hello, my dear friends!

I am so happy and excited to make this next challenge announcement as I really feel blessed to have so much amazing, creative and supportive people here joining me, participating, sharing and commenting on this posts. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

This week we have two sponsors to whom we can thank that the Reward Pool is this big!

Big thanks to @jnart for his generous donation of 13 SBD's and to my friend who introduced me to this community @voodoolizard donating 7 SBD's more! I love you guys!

This next theme for the 4th week of #tinyartchallenge that our dear @jnart choose is:

Abstract Patterns!

He also created this post to show us how to do this...


Amazing, right!? Be sure to check out the whole post and upvote, follow, resteem :)

And how will the prize be distributed? Like this:

~ 1st place: 9 SBD's

~ 2nd place: 5 SBD's

~ 3rd place: 3 SBD's

~ 3x honorable mentions, each 1 SBD

The rules for participating in this challenge are still the same:

1.) Upvote and resteem this post.
2.) Make a post about your entry with the first tag #tinyartchallenge
3.) Link your post in the comment below.
4.) Up to 3 entry per person.
5.) Only original artwork, please.

The most important thing when creating this kind of art is when taking a picture of it, you must put some object in the cadre/frame so the size of this tiny art is understandable.
It would be really cool if you would write the dimension of it too.
You can use any art technique!

I invite all artists to participate!
And a huge thanks to @aksinya for making this list of artists! Feel free to tell me if you think someone (or you) is/are missing. Or if you don't wanna be on this list anymore...

@a4illusionist, @airmatti, @aishwarya, @africangold, @aksinya, @alex-zerr, @allfabeta, @allforthegood, @anca3drandom, @anandkphoto, @aneblueberry, @andrew0, @andrianna, @anikanam, @allstarrunner, @aniestudio, @artguy, @artwithflo, @art21, @barbara-orenya, @barrysamways, @billyjohnsonart, @camilla, @catsmart, @cgame, @chessmonster, @christiesnelson, @coloringiship, @comealong, @christiesnelson, @dana-varahi, @daio, @danilamarilu, @daydreams4rock, @dcrockete, @dean-mno, @drawingsbymilena, @dreemit, @dottie, @edgarsart, @elementm, @elewarne, @elgeko, @elaine54, @elena2017, @em3di, @englishchivry, @errymil, @everlove, @exe8422, @fayehalliday, @flowerpowerart, @fole, @fractalizer, @fumansiu, @funkit, @ginasarasini, @giraffeonskates, @girlbeforemirror, @globaldoodlegems, @goldenroom, @granturismo89, @gre3n, @gric, @groundcontrol, @harshalachopra, @havok777, @henry-gant, @hhelenbby, @hilarski, @hopehugs, @inber, @indiandigitizer, @izabellablue, @james7, @jameshsmitharts, @jameslano, @jangaladesigns, @janiceduke, @jankasparec, @jessamynorchard, @josephmoyers, @juanmiguelsalas, @juliakponsford, @jyezie, @kalemandra, @karmashine, @katharsisdrill, @ken-and-jane, @kiddarko, @krizia, @kryo, @lapstjup, @lauralemons, @leoplaw, @lighteye, @lightsplasher, @littlemozart, @lloyddavis, @louiscpt, @luckyfellow, @mada, @madlenfox, @marty-art, @marty-art, @mariandavp, @mechart, @mayasky, @meesterboom, @merej99, @michaelmcdermott, @michaelstobiersk, @mindfreak, @mikkolyytinen, @milenamilak, @mprgrmmr, @motivator, @mrssignificant, @mystisoul, @nadversion56, @naquoya, @natureofbeing, @nature.sauvage, @neonartist, @nicnas, @nikosgyftakis, @nin0000, @nitan, @nonameslefttouse, @oceansoul13, @ocrdu, @omwith, @onlyifisayok, @opheliafu, @paniopan, @paolobeneforti, @peterheckmann, @pcste, @pixielolz, @phoenixmaid, @prakashghai, @prostosun, @pyrowngs, @rachelsvparry, @randolphrope, @reddust, @reneenouveau65, @revostrike, @richguy, @robyneggs, @rubens9119, @rubenalexander, @sanakumar, @saramiller, @seisges, @serkorkin, @sethlinson, @shady, @shortcut, @siloe, @silviabeneforti, @skapaneas, @stitchybitch, @sofi-m, @soyjosluis, @spaceginger, @splus, @stargarden, @stephenking989, @straydays, @sourcebird, @sumsum, @supernalbeing, @synesthesia, @tarazkp , @tasartcraft, @thebatchman, @the01crow, @thedrollyears, @thetruthbomb, @therealpaul, @tracer-paulo, @toonpunk, @tonyr, @throughwindows, @trueart, @twirble, @ubik, @unusualconcept, @urielromeo, @verbal-d, @veronicavaldeon, @villainblack, @voodoolizard, @voronoi, @winstonwolfe @yadamaniart, @woman-onthe-wing, @woodywood143, @wordsword, @wvm, @xochicotta, @xtdnrymompreneur, @xtrodinarypilot, @yoganarchista, @yuccarose, @yusaymon, @yuslindwi, @zenithwombat, @zneeke.

Deadline for this week's TinyArtChallenge is 7 days from now, so
Friday, 01.09.2017., Noon by Roman (Rome) Time Zone!

Also, I want to thank @kristyglas for making this free page dividers for everyone!

Also, here you can see the winners of the 3rd week and I'm really looking forward seeing your art on the new theme! Good luck!

Yours, @oceansoul13


Awesome event ! I am looking forward to seeing all the entries ! Here is my entry no.1 https://steemit.com/tinyartchallenge/@globaldoodlegems/tinyartchallenge-my-entry-no-1

Hi everyone! Here is my post, my tiny pattern. Feel free to check it out! What do you think?

Well done mate
Keep it up

Wow! Cool initiative! Not much of an artist myself but followed you so I can check back and see the results. The example doodle is just amazing, @jnart!

I'm glad you like it!

Great! I hope to find some time for drawing again! :)

Oh boy i suck at abstract can't come up with anything, but i will try to come up with something.

Me too, still just doodling hehe

Nice posting. I give you upvote please support me and upvote me too. Thanks @maulanailham

Thanks! I like your post but don't understand a thing hehe

Great post! Hope everyone feel free to make whatever abstract pattern they like :)

Thanks! I believe they will :)

Hi @oceansoul13, I think this is a very interesting theme this week. Is there still time to participate in this contest. I have been busy with other items and would like to make some time to participate in this contest. Thanks and have a great day!

Hello everyone,
Please see my entry to the theme 'Abstract Patterns'
Hope that you like it.

Animated gif of drawing process

Thanks and have a great day!

See below my 2nd entry.
Just drew some abstract patterns, and this is what it looks like.
Hope that it came out okay.

Thanks and have a great day