Tiny House Episodes: Full Index

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If you have been following this blog for awhile, then you know that I have posted a ton of tiny house articles. I love the Steemit platform for a variety of reasons but one of its main drawbacks is that content tends to get buried and then forgotten about, even if it is really useful.

Since I have finally made it through every aspect of our tiny house build, including a one year follow up video, I feel like now is a good time to put together a full index of my work.


If there were separate videos apart from written articles, I grouped them together so it would be easy to find them. Also, remember that many of my videos (Starting at episode 17) have additional written content and pictures that were not in the main article.

I hope that this index will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in tiny houses. I will still have some tiny house content in the future but this list pretty much covers the building process from start to finish. Enjoy!

The Index

Why We Decided to Build a Tiny House Part 1
Why We Decided to Build a Tiny House Part 2

Tiny House Episode 1: Retrofitting a Trailer for a Tiny House
Retrofitting a Trailer for a Tiny House (video)

Tiny House Episode 2: Framing
Framing the Tiny House (video)

Tiny House Episode 3: Framing Continued Plus 3AM Rainstorm Disaster!
Tiny House Framing Part 2 (video)

Tiny House Episode 4: Foam Board Insualtion
Tiny House Foam Board (video)

Tiny House Episode 5: How to Install Windows on a Tiny House, or Any House!

Tiny House Episode 6: Exterior Finishing Work
Tiny House Siding and Trim (video)

Tiny House Episode 7: Installing the Roof
Tiny House Roof (video)

Tiny House Episode 8: Moving the Tiny House


Tiny House Episode 9: Electrical System Rough In
Tiny House Electrical Part 1(video)

Tiny House Episode 10: Insulating the Tiny House
Tiny House Insulation (video)

Tiny House Episode 11: Installing the Vapor Barrier

Tiny House Episode 12: Finishing the Interior with Pine
Tiny House Pine Paneling (video)

Tiny House Episode 13: Storage, Mechanical, and Fresh Air Intake
Tiny House Fresh Air Intake and Dampers (video)

Tiny House Episode 14: Random Bathroom Projects

Tiny House Episode 15: Not So Tiny Kitchen

Tiny House Episode 16: Paper Bag Flooring
Paper Bag Flooring Tutorial
Simulated Wood Plank Flooring Tutorial

Tiny House Episode 17: Plumbing
Tiny House Plumbing Trial (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 18: Alternating Stairs
Alternating Staircase Design Considerations (video)

Tiny House Episode 19: Off-Grid Electrical
Tiny House DC system Overview (video + article)


Tiny House Episode 20: Fireproofing with Cement Board

Tiny House Episode 21: Mega Update Part 1 (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 22: Mega Update Part 2 (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 23: Hobbit Stove Test (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 24: LED Lighting
Kitchen Lighting Conundrum (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 25: Washer/Dryer Combo (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 26: Tiny Hot Water Tank (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 27: Planing Salvaged Cedar (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 28: Custom Pantry (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 29: Custom Pantry Part 2 (video + article)

Tiny House Episode 30: Closet Curtain Install (video + article)

One Full Year in a Tiny House - What Worked and What Didn't? (video + article)


Thanks for reading/watching everyone! Please upvote, follow, and resteem to support this work. As always, comments are welcome and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about tiny houses.


Nice index, I'd keep it just as it is....

How do you get those nice little sections that you've got? With the nice faint lines between each link or set of links?

Thumbnails would work really well next to all the links....but (another limitation of steemit) if you went back through and put in 30 of those it'd probably drive you nuts, and not the permaculture type of nuts either!

P.S. I've woken up to a broken fridge freezer... and guess what, I'm thinking of replacing it with a tiny one ready for a tiny house or van, rather than a MASSIVE one that I may just have to put in storage in a couple of months.

Seems like fate!

Once again, nice index... shame I can't favorite it on here.. I guess I'll just have to resteem it instead!

Thanks for the resteem!

The lines can be made with four dashes in succession.

Or with html by putting "hr" in between these arrows <>

You will probably get used to a small fridge pretty easily. I find larger fridges get filled up with a lot of crap that is never touched.

Or binned. At least I got to eat TWO tuna steaks for dinner today, never done that before.

Thanks for the editing advice.

Outstanding series! Good idea to include this for ease of navigation! Bet it took you quite some time to get all the links too...

Yeah, it was a little time consuming. I made a master index of all my Steemit posts for myself at the same time though. :)

sooo much good stuff here! amazing project! thank you for sharing! resteemed (its a keeper)

so cool that you can easily move it from place to place.

The house is so amazing sir... Also really cool stuff is there ... ☺

You made me interested with your posts, I began reading them, thank you for such useful information)

You're welcome! I hope there are some things that are helpful for you.

Great job getting all your work together, it does get lost on here for sure. I will definitely be checking out some of your earlier stuff, that I missed first time round. Yeah to tiny house living x

Great index of all your posts. Your posts are very informative and useful for every DIY. Even if you're not building a tiny house. I've got some catching up to do.

I'm glad you can get some value from them!

Good stuff. Your house reminds me of a tiny house mentioned here:

I do not know how to give you such a nice post, but also try to post something like yours, I follow your friends and vote for them, I always hope for your votes and comments. @salekbd

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