Tips to Help Learn New Things

in #tips5 months ago

The only way we can build on a memory is if we can remember it. Your memory is like a bank: the more you put into it the more it grows. Review also helps you to create more long-term memories. Repetition or rote learning on its own (without methods) is no fun; it takes long and can often result in an aversion to learning. Memorizing should be a pleasure; it should be more like a game.

Reviewing information in a specified time frame to increase your recall. The first review should be done backwards. Reviewing images backwards helps you to remember them more effectively. If you learn concepts in reverse you create a new impression in your mind and this makes information more outstanding. It just seems to make the memory so much stronger. Review takes discipline, but it keeps information fresh in your mind.

The perfect way to learn is to make lots of firsts and lasts by having lots of breaks, make your information outstanding, make your own links (using memory methods) and then review to keep it ready in your mind for new learning. Get rid of anything that is preventing you from improving. Get rid of blocks in your mind like excuses, limiting beliefs, and learn to single task and become more willing to learn more. Remembering a choice! Thanks for stopping by.