Do you feel tired all the time?

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The day is a weird fatigue and depression. What is the cause of fatigue, fatigue?


  • If you do not sleep well in the night, then there is a fatigue in the day. There is a need for a continuous sleep between seven to eight hours at night. Take care, whether it is or not.

  • There is a problem with sleepy sleepy sleepy sleep in the night. At this, the oxygen supply decreases in the brain, so suddenly the sleep broke. After all, the patient does not understand that he goes to sleep again. But in the interruption of the sleep cycle, there is sleep throughout the day. If sleep apnea, reduce weight, quit smoking.

  • Excess diet, nutritionally balanced diet, can make you tired. Eat enough protein and complex carbohydrates every time. Must have adequate vitamins and minerals.

  • Depression is a major cause of depression. With no enthusiasm, there can be negative thoughts, rituals etc. in everything.

  • Thyroid hormone deficiency disease may seem depressed. The energy level can be reduced. Notice, whether the weight is suddenly increased or not. Auntie may have problems, constipation, hair and skin problems, etc. The disease.
    Diabetes patients feel tired, dull.

  • Especially, those who have unregulated diabetes and urine are going to eat.
    If you do not drink enough water during the day, it can cause dehydration. As a result, you can feel tired during work or walking. So be careful not to drink plenty of water.

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