Best SBD Contest - Caption the PIC #6 - Suggest the best title and Win SBDs

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Greetings Steemians,

It' been a while since I last posted but I was really busy so, and still i am Busy, so in the meantime I decided to arrange yet another Contest so atleast no me but My followers could get benefit..

Since We all a part of ever growing peer to peer community where everyone build everyone else. Minnow tend to support whales and whales tend to support Minnows, which as a whole keep this community alive and allows it to thrive...

With all that said, We all know that the SBD and Steem price is pretty considerable nowadays so I thought it would be best to arrange some brain teasing challenges so i could help some intellectual Minnows on steemit..

A bit of brain teasing and along with your precious time can earn you upto 10 SBD.

What you need to Do {The Challenge} -

The challenge is Simple you just have to suggest the most suitable and convenient title/caption for the Given pic :

To participate in the Challenge you need to follow these rules -

  • Upvote and Resteem This Post. And please upvote with 100 percent efficiency.
  • Comment below the most Appropriate and Interesting title for the Pic.
  • Or Post the Title with the Tag #titlesbd
  • The Title should not be longer than 7-10 words otherwise your entry will not be selected..
  • Not only that I will also reward top entries other than winner, so stay tuned..
    The winner will be announced after this posts payout..

Make sure to follow all rules or your entry will be neglected..

And follow me for future contests. And together Lets make Steemit a better Place!


Could you kindly credit the artist whose work you are using here? He happens to be an old friend and a very talented artist whose talent deserves to be at least credited with. Thank you.

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When will you announce the winner of your contest? @talalofficial

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