Win Upto 10 SBD - Caption the Pic Challenge #5 + Winners of Challenge #4

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Greetings Steemians,

It' been a while since I last posted but I was really busy so, and still i am Busy, so in the meantime I decided to arrange yet another Contest so atleast no me but My followers could get benefit..

Since We all a part of ever growing peer to peer community where everyone build everyone else. Minnow tend to support whales and whales tend to support Minnows, which as a whole keep this community alive and allows it to thrive...

Winner of the Last Contest -

There were not a lot of contestants in the last challenge but all the entries were pretty interesting.
but my favorite ones are 3, before announcing I just want to thank every contestant for their entry..
No 1 is @beyondgoogling who was also peoples choice winning 5 SBD
Other two favourite entries was of @rayne122 and @annycor, each winning 1 SBD...!

With all that said, We all know that the SBD and Steem price is pretty considerable nowadays so I thought it would be best to arrange some brain teasing challenges so i could help some intellectual Minnows on steemit..

A bit of brain teasing and along with your precious time can earn you upto 10 SBD.

What you need to Do {The Challenge} -

The challenge is Simple you just have to suggest the most suitable and convenient title/caption for the Given pic :

To participate in the Challenge you need to follow these rules -

  • Upvote and Resteem This Post. And please upvote with 100 percent efficiency.
  • Comment below the most Appropriate and Interesting title for the Pic.
    Or Post the Title with the Tag #titlesbd
  • The Title should not be longer than 7-10 words otherwise your entry will not be selected..
  • Not only that I will also reward top entries other than winner, so stay tuned..
  • The winner will be announced after this posts payout..

Make sure to follow all rules or your entry will be neglected..

And follow me for future contests. And together Lets make Steemit a better Place!


'Nature don't kill. Pollution do.'


Grace's Providence Hostage at Industrial Gunpoint

Thanks for the SBD.
Glad I was able to win ! :)

Here is my entry for this contest :)

Human Revolution misusing the silence of Nature !

Bhai tera mere ko pasand aaya..!

Thanks Bhai >_<

That's a great title for the pic !

Silence of Nature !

"Cry Us A River, Mother Earth; Our Cities Are Burning."

That's my caption for the above picture.

I see it as, our cities, the "people" are "burning--they are suffering and dying. And this inner-turmoil and strife needs to be addressed.

Which is what "The City," in its ever-so classy fashion, is "saying" to the Earth: "Yes, we understand your significance, and your cries for help--but, right now, we need to focus on the war that is raging within our own people. Then we can get to you. So Chill (literally)."

At least, that's how I see it ;) Thanks!

Hi @talaofficial! Here is my entry for this contest:

"The nature bear semblance of human destruction."

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Caption: My son, do you not know I am your mother?

@spozone says the title should be: "I'll Have My Revenge. "

Thanks for the SBD @talaloffical.
My entry for this contest

Industrialization the Amour against Nature

Thanks for consider my last week entry.
I propose this title/caption for this week image.

Humankind is the executioner of the nature


Earth is crying over her sons betrayal


"Mother Nature Cries As Her Own Children Murder Her Blatantly! "

Well here is my idea.
Beauty with the beast.

Thank you. I love these pictures and caption ideas

Thanks for the opportunity. Here's my title

Dear @talalofficial,

Thank you for this interesting contest, the photo was too good for me not to participate.

Here is my official entry:

"Mother Earth Obtains Justice As The Shadow Government Dies"


Respectfully submitted, @eaglespirit

Murderers of the earth

I will humbly title it

Torn apart

Earth never surrenders


I'd followed you sir, resteemed this post and upvoted 100 percent
Here's my title

Don't kill me! I'll save you. #titlesbd

Man, with his hands, killed nature and his future

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Faced with Death, Nature Cries out to be delivered

"When Mother Nature Awakens"

Gaia nourishes mankind, who aims with industry, which destroys nature.

knowledge is power truth about growing population.


We are part of nature, do not destroy it

The self destruction of the ungrateful population.
Don't currently have full voting power so am waiting to upvote. Have resteemed.

Don't destroy nature, this is your home!

Kill nature, destroy humanity? dont do it!

'The Murderer Of Mother Nature '

"listen to what Mother Nature Says"


Our Mother Held hostage by her Children


"What will you do when I have no more to give?"

Hello talalofficial..
I must confess this picture has lots of messages in it..just like its said "A picture is worth a thousand words."
Well for me, the best caption for this pic is
"Mother Nature and Revolution; The face off"

entrepreneurs vs poor people in steemit #titlesbd

Dont forget to follow the rules...!


" You do it, I'll be forced"

demolition of nature by humans


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Mother Nature going for the tearful kiss of death...


Cry me a river !

" STOP destroying Nature but rather PROTECT them "


Famous picture

Pollution, silent weapon for the world's destruction




Earth vs Darwin

"The City Killed Her Dream of Paradise"
@averageoutsider Thank you @talalofficial
Such a beautiful work of art.

You are varie nice the geel and amice look sair my cominnet

Here is my entry;


The nature today

Global warming

good contest follow now

Industrialization's pollution prepares bullets for the crying Mother Earth!

Thank you for this contest @talalofficial.

Thanks for the Oppourtunity to participate in this contest
This is my Entry below:

Industrial Pollution Hazardous to Mother Nature