How long will it take to emigrate to Mars ?

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To emigrate to Mars is human's dream for centuries.

But what do we know about the Mars?

What makes Mars?What is the composition of Mars?

The minerals on the surface are mainly iron oxide, the rest are mostly sand and rock. There is no liquid on the surface.

Why does Mars look red?

Because the minerals on the surface are mainly iron oxide which is red color.

What is the distance between the earth and Mars?

The nearest distance from Mars to Earth is about 55 million kilometers, and the longest distance is more than 400 million kilometers.

When did the closest distance between Mars and Earth occur in the last 10 years?

The close contact between the two planets occurs approximately every 15 years.

Last time was on Oct 13,2020.

Next 2 times will be on Dec 8,2022 and Jan 16,2025.

What and when was the closest distance between the two planets in the last 60,000 years?

Mars was only about 55.76 million kilometers from Earth on Aug 27,2011.

A man named Elon Musk who is closet to God was born on earth on June 28,1971.

Till now,He sent thousands of satellite through his spaceX company. He even claimed he will send human to Mars around 2025 which is the year Earth closest to the Mars in next 10 years.

Let's wait for this miracle of God......
Let's pray......


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