Toilet Observation: Middle Of The Road

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So I've posted about an incident not long ago about an observation in the male toilets in my company, "Toilet Observation: Now I'm Torn on Which Is Worse?".

Today I saw something else which bothered me a bit, I did my usual toilet run after lunch, I walked in and went straight for the urinals, and as I turned the corner, I stopped.

The setup in our toilet are the three urinals located side by side. For me the rules were simple, you use the urinal the furthest away from someone else, and usually people either pick the far right or the far left one to use, however today when I walked in, I couldn’t follow my rule because there was someone right in the middle.

Not only was he in the middle, he had his legs spread so far apart that there were not enough room for anyone else to use the urinals beside him. I thought about going up to one of the side ones and hoping that he would notice and may be make some room for me, but thought in the end to just wait.

So after waiting a while he had finally finished up, and went to wash his hand. So I move into my place ready to do my thing, however at this point I noticed that he hadn't moved out of the toilet? He sort of stood in front of the mirror for a good 5 seconds and then walked into one of the cubical…

So I wondered, what was the point of using the urinals if he was going to use one of the cubical anyway? Not only he stopped other people from using the urinals, it was also unnecessary as he was going into a cubical anyway.

Oh well, at least he washed his hands.



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