Jongo's Great Toilet Paper Hunt

in #toiletpaperlast year

It all started with a simple request from my wife....

"I think we're out of toilet paper babe, can you run to the store and get some..."

This started what would end up being quite the adventure.

A simple request right? So I grabbed my keys and started to drive towards our local Wal-Mart...I mean, toilet paper...They usually have the best deals for this every day product and I thought it would take a few minutes out of my day...At most.

So I get to the store and start my search...Usually they have plenty of toilet paper on display as soon as you walk through the doors...But there was none to be seen.


So I went to the aisle where they usually have it...

toilet paper

Sold out...!


It's toilet paper...How on earth can Wal-Mart, of all places, be sold out of toilet paper....?

Apparently this is the most desired product on earth!

Not to worry....

I'll check the next big bulk store next to Wal-Mart....They'll have some for sure.

I mean, it's toilet paper...

toilet paper

Come on.....

Are you kidding me?

That's two stores completely sold out of....TOILET PAPER!

It got me thinking, if the zombies ever come...We're history!

So I proceeded to check the next few store and couldn't find a single roll of toilet paper....In 4 stores in about 3 miles around my home, there wasn't a single roll to be had....

Desperate times called for desperate measures....

I ended up in a local drug store (where they are famous for over pricing it..) and.....


I found it!

There was 2 packs of toilet paper left and another customer seemed to be on the same hunt I was...So I gave them the second pack and we shared a laugh...!

toilet paper

Mission accomplished!

16 rolls of glorious, top quality toilet paper! For double the price of what it would usually cost...

Zombies be DAMNED!

If this virus ends up killing us all....At least my family and I will have extra clean bums!

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lol. It’s the same in Australia! All our local stores are sold out. I thought I’d outsmart them and ordered 2 packs online, but nope, when it came to delivery time, also out of order!
Not just toilet paper, also tissues and rice,all these essentials for an apocalypse.
And for the record, we too paid double the price for our stash of super expensive tissues. :)

It's insanity....Been watching some videos about it in Australia....Old women fighting over the last rolls LOL

Haha yeah. At least it’s keeping us all entertained.
Whilst toilet paper and tissues are gone from the shops, there were some rolls of paper towels left on the shelves. I suggested to my wife that we could use the paper towels if we can’t find any toilet paper. She wasn’t impressed. :)

You shouldn't be surprised.
A lot of shit is going on at the moment, hehe.

ha ha ha ha so true.

10/10 for execution !tip post 🇳🇬✊

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Looks like it's happening everywhere. Call me slow, but I still haven't quite grasp the connection between Covid-19 and toilet paper. 😊

It's level 4 protection!!!!!! lol

It's a really strange item to be sold out of at multiple stores. Maybe we should rethink selling things in bulk. It just means that it's easier for people to hoard. No one wants to run out of toilet paper. :-(

I get stocking up on food and things like that...But toilet paper...Just odd.

Exactly. Why not everything off the shelves then? Toilet paper is just surreal.

You are funny, Jon! Most folks would be stressed out & mad about the situation 😁😁😁

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Can’t get too depressed in situations like this. Gotta always think positive

Double the price...!!!???... What! Not an easy task after all...

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lol they are making so much money.

They are indeed... You are making $$$ off your toilet rolls too... 🤣🤣🤣

Yuhh suddenly such simple item became such a big problem 🙂
Glad that you found it a least somewhere in your city👍

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yeah. shipments are still coming in. but you think they weren’t how people are buying it up here.

Go for a bush walk it is amazing what a leaf can do.
Some must believe we are having a war and rationing is going to be phased in again.
But toot paper wasn't rationed in the war years.
If I go on the current logic you don't have enough toilet paper to wrap your whole family up to protect them from the Coronavirus good luck hunting for another 16 rolls.

lol i was telling my mother in law that tonight. that’s what my grandfather used to tell me. go in the bush. find some leaves lol

Great post Jon and I can totally relate. I live in what is seen as the epicenter of the virus in Sydney, local shopping centre has 3 major supermarkets and another 5 minutes away, Not a square to be seen, not a square to spare lol.
We have had brawls in supermarkets, a Knife drawn and muggings, lol
I wish I wish I had purchased those shares in the paper mill back in the 70's when I was protesting the destruction of Trees lol

lolol wow. yeah man these companies are making a killing right now.

A wise man once said, "if you're going to get killed by a virus, get killed with a clean ass, this way, you'll go to heaven when you die". I'm the wise man.

ha ha ha ha very wise words indeed.

Lol, this is getting out of control!

Actually I heard someone added an offer to sell toilet paper for 1000 bucks!! :D Not sure where, probably ebay...

better investment than crypto lol

Lol nice story Jon, maybe we should make a pegged token for it, stay awesome.

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