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RE: Do you often get little or no comments on your blog?

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Great challenge @xpilar and appreciate your noble and unwavering contributions and curation efforts on Steemit (and Steem).

@armentor I am
Joined Steemit Oct 2017
First Post Jan 3, 2018
From New York, lived in New Jersey, New York, Beirut, New York and California.
Home is Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California, also known as Silicon Beach.
Former Paper Boy, Hockey Player, Junk Bond trader, I-Banker, but still dyslexic.
Now a turnaround and start-up consultant and I take a few pictures of California Sunsets.
Live to travel and experience new cultures and people. Eat and Drink mostly everything. Next trip… Cartagena (Colombia) on Saturday.


that sounds like a nice trip.

Yeah I realize superb activities..

Hi @armentor

Thank you for your comment
nice to get to know you

Regards @xpilar and @sultan-aceh