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RE: Do you often get little or no comments on your blog?

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Hi @xpilar I've joined this platform since March 2018, I come from Aceh Indonesia just like your friend @sultan-aceh even I know your account from him as well.
I love traveling and tourism thing as I am a tourism ambassador.
Here is my new post about my activity recently.

Check this out!


I love to read your blog sis, And I used to resteem it when I had no chance to write 😇

Wow, thank you!
I'm really happy to know you. Waiting for your article so then I could resteem yours later 😇

I will, thanks in advance @fitrianizar 🙏

Hi @fitrianizar

Thank you for your comment

Nice post, have a look at it now

Regards @sultan-aceh and @xpilar

Thanks for stopping by to my account @xpilar.
I really appreciate your kindness and your new idea upon this post.
@xpilar and @sultan-aceh will never be separated I guess 😅

You're welcome