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RE: Do you often get little or no comments on your blog?

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that's very effective steps you have taken. i often have no comments or no upvote in my post where i expect some. however i am regular reader of your blog and i will invite my friends also. thank you


Dear @jevelin we want to get to know you closer, please write about yourself.

hey my friends, i am ibrahim hossain from bangladesh. i am 1st year honours student in university of rajshshi. first of all i know about steemit from my friends who is on steemit as @killerkuasha. i joined on this platform in august. but i can't get much profit from steemit but get a lot of knowledge about economy. then i started to boost my post. my post was too short and i boosted lagrger. but i don't get much profit from this. now i am very upset. but there are some friends who are too good and they bound me on steemit yet. @r2cornell , @hebrew , @robertandrew , @xpilar , @cjsdns etc................

Hi @jevelin

Thank you for telling us a little about yourself

I've looked at your posts and understand what you say when your posts were too short

You joined Steemit August 2018

It takes some time to understand Steemit and use it correctly

Everyone who comes to Steemit should spend time reading Steemit FAQ

Today you have commented on several words here and are honest with what you say.

Giving good comments with content can give you new friends and upvote for your comment.

Try to find your own niche here at Steemit and do not give up so you'll see it pays off

Take a look at what others are doing and succeed and give them good and rich comments

thank you dear @xpilar. i have got very valuable information from you. however you are a good guy on steemit

thank you @jevelin

Hi @jevelin

Thank you for your comment

Nice to invade your friends

Remember to write a little about yourself

Regards @sultan-aceh and @xpilar