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RE: Do you often get little or no comments on your blog?

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Hello @xpilar I'm from Aceh, Indonesia. I am a new comer on this platform, it was about 6 months ago . I know your account from @sultan.aceh when I read his post about building house by earning money from Steemit. I got so motivated by him, that's why I trying to join this community, I hope I could pay my campus tuition myself without helping by my parents anymore.
Anyway, I love writing and philosophy things 😇


Nice to know your introduction dude!
Will see your progress. Keep motivated yourself.
Hope you could pay the tuition yourself soon. You have a very good intentions in this.

Ameen to that!
Hopefully I could actualise all my dream soon🙏

Hi @saifulsidik

Thank you for your comment
nice to get to know you ok

Regards @xpilar and @sultan-aceh