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RE: Do you often get little or no comments on your blog?

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Hi all

I am @xpilar

joined Steemit July 2016
I am from Norway, Fredrikstad
Has been trading in kryptovaluta since 2015

My hobbies fishing and nature
like old cultures / construction works
love to visit museums


Hi @xpilar you like fishing, just like me, I also like fishing when I go out to sea,

when can we fish together, you @xpilar @sultan-aceh and i am in the atlantik sea hehehehe :D


I love to fish

I hope I get the opportunity to visit you in the near future

Then we will go fishing together

Hi every body

I challenge there to comment on fisihing

Do you love to fish and what do you use of gear when you fish?

You know I love fishing! The gear depends on what I am fishing for, but I tend to use light gear which makes the fishing battle more fun!

I know you love fishing @brian.rrr

You're also good at dropping smaller fish back into the sea so they can grow and grow

Hi @xpilar My fishing gear is very simple, only a roll of yarn, tin stone, and uses two fishing rods, for bait live shrimp

shrimps never hurt wrong as ang

I also hope that, you have the opportunity to visit here @xpilar, I will take you fishing to the sea in the area where I live

me and sultan-aceh will be waiting for your arrival here

Appreciate it.

You have a very similar hobby as my brother. He loves fishing all his heart. When he is in his leisure time he definitely will go fishing no matter what the weather is. I just wonder what is the most fun thing in fishing, coz sometime he even didn't get any single fish to bring home ahahaha. Do you have any idea @xpilar? 😅

Yes I have @fitrianizar

It is in our nature to hunt and fish even if it is raining

Even though we do not get any fish, it gives us a presence and tranquility in the body and mind.

Unfortunately, many today do not get into nature and feel what this gives. Just being out in nature listening to it gives us a rest in the body and mind

Hmmm, so it's all about loving nature, Listening the music of ocean, and leaving the busy things in town?
If it so, Now I'm a bit understand the reason why my brother never get bored even no fish could be taken home.

Yes, then you understand that hehe

Indeed. Thanks bro for sharing me those things!