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RE: Do you often get little or no comments on your blog?

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I joined Steemit on 10/11/2017 (I'm almost a yujuuuuu year old).
I am Venezuelan - I live in the capital "Caracas".
I am 24 years old: I turn 25 the same day I enter Steemit (what a gift hahahaha).
I love to sing, that's my passion. I'm Cristiana. I love to help others, I am a happy and extrovert girl. I love chocolate and I love to eat (that's why I'm getting fat a little jajajja).

Greetings :D



Hi @yetxuni

Thank you for your comment
nice to get to know you
nice to hear your story

Regards @xpilar and @sultan-aceh

Hi @yetxuni
I like your comments, very humorous, you look very social, because you like to help each other, it's very good, very rarely is there like you, I like your lifestyle.
I hope we can become good relatives, even though we are different countries.

greetings from me :)

Yes, my dear @kamalsaputra. I am a very sociable person hahaha! I like to see life in a happy way and that's why I behave this way! Life is beautiful! Thank you for your comment, greetings :D

hahaha yes I know you are a friendly person, don't ever lose your concern for everyone, @yetxuni ;) )*

I love the platform and I always care about my neighbor! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you! :D

Thank you too for your chance for me @yetxuni

@yetxuni Do you have Ig
May I know hehehhehe

You mean do I have Instagram? I don't understand jajajaja

yes I mean that

Thank you!!! Regards my friends @xpilar - @sultan-aceh

thanks @yetxuni

Thanks to you for the initiatives you have and the support you have given! Blessings friend! @xpilar

But you so beautiful @yetxuni

Thank you very much! I hope you are well :D