Usechain: The World’s First Mirror Identity Blockchain

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As of late the discussion of the digital currency known as crypto has been one of the every day news we see and get notification from correspondence media day by day. Cryptocurrency is fueled by blockchain techy which record exchanges in a record incidentally or for all time with no choice for future adjustment. Its otherwise called a decentralized system that is straightforward to the general public. Since we know about what cryptocurrency is and how blockchain network works, we should discuss a blockchain based project that will have a beneficial outcome in our day by day undertakings.

Usechain is built on mirror identity protocol merged with high-level innovations in structure design and technology to eliminate the delays in the process of developing blockchain and bring a perfect balance between scale, security, and decentralization. Usechain, as an ecosystem is growing fast and will hold thousands of credit-based and identity-based applications in the future.

Usechain rises the first thus far the main blockchain to be based on mirror identity protocol and mixed with multi-Level advancements in innovation and structure plan which can be utilized to break the bottlenecks in the improvement procedure of the blockchain.

Usechain supplies application investigation in the financial sector, utilization, stimulation, social networking, amusements, IoT, store network administration, resource administration and social administration and Usechain enhances character by empowering people to be joined together and connected to the financial service given by Wallsheet, in a straightforward accommodating and moment way.

Usechain van makes accessible facilities with help for Dapp's application in different industries by MIP and the separation of identity and identify confirmation in view of no effectively gained information. To support the quick overhauling of the Usechain ecosystem, Usechain is focused on cooperating with built up organizations from various enterprises to pull in huge customers of its services.


▪️ Uses a secure infrastructure that focuses on sole identity mapping thus improving its application to scenarios that need identity.

▪️ Through the platform’s characteristic of identity mapping, it can reduce its dependency on the hashing power of the Bitcoin and thus be able to reduce consumption of energy and computing resources.

▪️ Supports the participation of everyone worldwide. Usechain supports miningby use of even mobile devices because of its ability to use low resources and low energy consumption.

▪️ Inputs resources of the highest quality to assist the global community to develop its ecosystem. This, in turn, unites application platforms and leading companies.


Usechain tokens will be used to reward the community ,developers and also the supporters. This particular method will allow all the users to use apps on the ecosystem. Usechain tokens is ERC-20 token but this will change because they will be a token swap immediately their main net foes live. The total amount of usechain token is calculated to be 20 billion in circulation. The chat below describe the whole token circulation and the distribution.


Total supply: 20,000,000,000 UST
Softcap: 1350 BTC
Hard cap:4500 BTC
Trading pairs: Ethereum and Bitcoin



For more information:










AUTHOR: Equal2detask




This is an excellent project. That would revolutionize the blockchain technology.

Great and facilitating project I can assure you all that.

Nice and well written article. Would sure look more into the whitepaper to know more

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