Tourism industry Token ( TOTO )

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Buy now before you cry tomorrow !!!

#tourist_token ( #TOTO ) is a new released token with great ideas.
It can grow alot , and make a huge profit to its investors in the long term. I suggest you check it.
Coin market cap: … …


hi, if you are seriously about marketing this coin, we may need to know more about the team and maybe ask for reviews from youtubers like @crypt0

the marketcap is 38 BTC which is.... way too low!

I read your post, then see the video. it seems that this token will amazing phenomena for people in next year. thanks for sharing

you're welcome . The price is 1 satoshi and I have 1644000 ToTo . It has a good team with great ideas.
Acording to the prediction next year it will be reach almost 1$ 😍😍😍