Can We Now Expand Beyond Steem-Based Apps?

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The first time I found out about crypto was in 2012 after listening to Let's Talk Bitcoin. I heard Dan Larimer talk about bitshares. Wanting to learn more I joined their which I spent 3 years participating in.

Before that event, I never used message boards but the medium was perfect for what the community needed:

A place to discuss ideas in depth AND a place where the most relevant conversation was the one at the top of the feed.

The need for this hasn't changed and no other user interface is capable of completely replacing this time tested formula.

What If...

@aggroed posted this yesterday: Steem-Engine Welcomes Crypto Peso, the first EOS Token listing!

and it made me think. Now that Steem-Engine can start trading tokens that are not native of the Steem-Blockchain, this means that those tokens can be distributed via upvotes on TokenBB!

This means that all communities in the crypto space can potentially use either a secondary token or their main token to reward their most active community members just like Palnet does.

Let's think about this together

Riff on this idea with me in the comment section. I'm dying to know your thoughts.


There are already several pegged well-known cryptos on Steem Engine:

Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 21.37.30.png

And you are right, all the communities that exist around those cryptocurrencies can start a new token on Steem Engine and empower their community with Tokenbb.

I'm not sure if the pegged token can be used as a reward token (unless they can fill their own reward pool with their native cryptocurrency, maybe.) but nothing is stopping them from creating a separate reward token for their own cryptocurrency through Steem-Engine to reward their own communities.

This token will be tradable for STEEMP on Steem-Engine and from there (through the pegged tokens) to their native chain.

Cool idea! I do think you are on to something. (I need to think about this more.)

Hmm I got some ideas about it.
Could be use an alt to ICOs where the creator gets a cut from post rewards.
Could be used as a an alt way to distribute initial coins as right now POW,ICO, and airdrops exist only...
Could be used as a way to promo. Maybe the dev has a huge amount of premine and/or funded via DAO and can use the token via tokenBB to gain more usage.

Interesting idea I never thought about before. IDK if it will be used though...

you PAL, get a huge upvote :-)

Wow. Thats a great use case for steem-engine. It will serve as a home for all the other coins discussions and communities. All they need to do is get a condenser for their token and use either the same algorithm steem uses or modify the reward mechanism to suit their distribution. @cryptoctopus. This is a great idea if we could sell it to the whole crypto sphere

That sounds like a pretty interesting combination! Forums are huge for crypto and we’ve seen Bitcointalk and reddit dominate for it!

Crypto projects rely on those forums for spreading news and while many have had social media sites created in their community like EOS has trybe it’s still not popular because it’s not a seemless use!

If token BB as I understand it along with steem engine can be combined to reward forum users in and outside steem we will see a steady flow of trading into Steem/steem engine and we could even be the go to solution for this kind of forum monetization!

I checked out the token BB site and I’m keen to see what the white label option provides! I’ve been looking to add a native forum to my site and would have loved to have a tipping service added to it for additional incentive to use

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Hey @checkohler, thanks for your detailed reply. We are living in exciting times where many things are possible. You are correct that TokenBB can be combined with Steem-Engine tokens and distributed via Proof of Brain (PoB), a live example is

The procedure to get a forum going is:

1- visit and register for a freemium forum which costs 10 STEEM to prevent namesquatting and spam forum creation.

2- Once you have received confirmation that the above is created, then you can order one of the upgrade packages from our store the Gold and Platinum packages allow tokenisation. There are also some once-off ENG token payment requirements and then you need to stake 2 ENG per active user, maybe start off by staking 100 ENG, that should cover you.

Can I link easily to my crypto blog and create a crypto community around it?

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of course :-)

You can register for a freemium forum at and see upgrade options at

Thanks, put the link on my bookmarks. :)

Iam not a tech guy, but I think the secondary tokens will do good.And how long it will survive and keep the value is suspense. am i a fool??🤔

No certainly not a fool :)

Nice i knew Steem was a smart investment.
Just a matter of time when the world finds out.

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I am not many well educated about crypto very well. But i only know BTC and Steem. I claimed my Pal tokens last week. It is big opportunity.

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Unrelated, I hope there's a end monster with undead tentacles that guards mummies:
A crypt octopus

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