Did you know I'm giving away upvotes?

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That's right...the latest version of TokenBB is out.

Post a reply on the forum thread to get upvotes!

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Is tokenbb opensource?

it is something very similar to the idea of chainBB.

yup that idea got abandoned by Jesta. We are taking it up a notch and to the moon!

More like jesta going to work for EOS. He doesn't have the time to continue develop chainbb.

Keep the tokens coming out.

This is an amazing coincidence! I GIVE OUT UPVOTES TOO!


Hmm, login doesn't work for me. Goes to steemconnect and accepts my credentials ok, but nothing happens on tokenBB.

By the way, is this a continuation of the legacy started by @jesta with chainBB? I hope so as I really miss that project.

that's weird. SteemConnect always worked for me. Have you tried refreshing? This is an upgrade of the chainBB idea.

Still can't login with steemconnect. Tried clearing all cookies, refreshing. It goes to steemconnect, then the popup redirects to some sort of buildteam authorisation address, and then closes. Nothing happens after that. Using Opera browser. Other steemconnect logins work fine with that browser.

Edit: Just tried on Firefox. Doesn't work there either.

Do you have anything that blocks cookies? It needs cookies to function properly.

I block third party cookies. Perhaps that's it? I need a buildteam.io cookie?

edit: that fixed it. But unless I can block them universally and then whitelist it for your site, it's a no go. 3rd party cookies are the way entities track you around the web. I'm not willing to open that door up.

edit: I've found where I can whitelist. :)

Great! Was about to say that I think it is buildteam.io , or like account.buildteam.io if that matters. I need to double-check though. Did it work?

Just another bit of feedback: Jesta's chainbb had the feature of forum owners being the beneficiaries of any posts made through their forum. It was a way for forum owners to make a return on their investment in the forum name. Is this a feature of tokenBB as well? I'm keen on grabbing a forum name, but don't really want to risk the (albeit small) investment without a return.

I just found out so thanks in advance!

edit: how do we log in there? I clicked on the high lighted link sends me to TokenBB whats the catch?

you need to login by clicking the "login button"

ah okay thank you!

You are the boss! That is very generous of you. Highly appriciated

That sounds like fun

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Aw thanks for that , it is great to find people who abel to help the newbie

Great! Thank you!

This is really great idea, everyone will get motivated, Interesting one

Hi there ! Good to know :). And congrats on the new version 😉

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Great to hear

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Thanks for your service, your doing a good job to the community.

I have replied to the forum where can I see it on steem platform?

In your comment list

Thanks for the upvotes

This post has received a 19.91 % upvote from @boomerang.

Excited to see it coming to live ♥️

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I will start investing in tokenBB as the value of the token will surely increase for sure.

I never knew, i have check the process to join but the 10 steem is someway. What if i dont have 10steem I cant join.

very generous of you

Sweet. Thanx in advance for the upvote.

That's sounds , I'm really in need of upvotes. I just started on steem a few days ago and made my first introduction post today, I'll really appreciate if i get an up vote

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is TokenBB similar to something made by Jesta in the past?

kind of yes...but with a lot more features and we won't give up on it.

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a have no ide what this TokenBB is. a maby give it a read then.but its fun the see the comment so much begging holyshit or the classic good work..when the message is to go elsewhere the get the vote..face palm. newer gets old....

@cryptoctopus tokenbb is one of the best projects I have seen on the steem blockchain so far and I must say you've actually done a very great job to make the necessary corrections and modifications of the platform.

I will love to ask about how I can create my own forum on tokenbb.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla 💞💞

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Good to see that another Dapp is on board supporting steem blockchain. Thank you informing us.

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hola excelente dame tu voto gracias

Que interesante, me explicas como funciona?

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Well, I did not know that :D <3

Amazing!.. @cryptoctopus so you're here for the well-being of humans around the globe?.. Indeed you have a three heart 💓 Lovely...

Looks interesting! Will defos look into this some more!

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Thanks for your service, your doing a good job to the community.

Thanks for your service,
Your doing a good job to
The community.

                 - maclevis

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for the upvote

Commented in the post through the link provided. Thank you @cryptoctopus

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Wow awesome you are such a nice person😇 Keep up the good work.

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How to login ?? Is there any way for newbie to learn login ??

Thats a good look.

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Tokenbb is awesome.

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Is It Opensource.?
And Which One Is Better TokenBB Or ChainBB.?
Plzz Answer Me ?

open source and ChainBB doesn't exist anymore

The Front-end is.

ChainBB is alive sooo, ChainBB!

I have gotten an upvote from you before. Thank you for that. A continuing support is appreciated. Cool project 😎

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You have been very active I see. Great for the community. Thanx

A forum interface is like the missing piece of jigsaw that would server the community well and help increase interactions

Ok i'll try this

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Would steem wallet integration would be part of the road map?

yes of course...but so much to do!

I have to learn about all this sooo many fast

Are u planning to have a steem backed token to be used as currency to be used withing the forum

it's already like that. We don't have custom tokens though yet.

Hello, how do I access this tokenbb platform... It's my first time of hearing about it.

that's very generous from you thanks

Cool hook a brother up!!!!

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I signed up, but the text.tokenbb page did not seem to load my comment. Perhaps it did, but it kept asking me to sign in.
I wrote: "Well played. Congrats and cheers on the TokenBB progress." It said "success" at the end, but I did not see where it posted. Be well.

Great idea.

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That’s suck an awesome thing to do 👍😁 Thank you!👋

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The forum is almost perfect! We are happy to annouce our blog to community of steem and out of blockchain too!

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Trying to figure what's going on here because it sure sounds like click bait.

please teach me

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That is awesome! I am still new to Steemit. I need help! LOL

What is Token BB?

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Nice! Thank you very much.

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