TokenBB - The Journey Here and the Future...

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Once upon a time...

When the first forum interface made it's way on the Steem blockchain, my brain was exalted by the potential. Back then, that software was called ChainBB by @jesta. Unfortunately, that project never came to blossom and was retired after a few months.

Here I was patiently waiting for some coding genius to relaunch the idea...but a year went by and nothing happened. Fast forward to a few months before SteemFest 2018 and I had enough. Cool games like SteemMonsters were starting to come out and it seemed obvious that Steem-based games NEEDED a messaging board software to build their communities.

I paid a friend of mine to code a prototype and a very primitive version of TokenBB was born! But I was not out of the woodwork since my friend didn't want to pursue the idea any further....


@buildteam is a group of entrepreneurs developing blockchain solutions. After first meeting @reggaemuffin at SteemFest I asked him if they would be interested in developing TokenBB...and they did! Thank God! And since then, they have worked so hard at improving it.

Developing a software forum is quite challenging since the number of features needed in order to compete with the big boy is huge. But day by day, we work at making it better.

Where we are now and what is the future?

The number of communities starting to use TokenBB is growing and we are burning the midnight oil to bring new features that will make the job of admins & moderators easier. ALSO you can now earn community tokens (thanks to Steem-Engine) directly by participating on a TokenBB forum like the Splinterland Forum or the PALNet forum.

We are at an exciting time in the development of Steem. The infrastructure for community builders are almost all there to attract the masses.

Soon a community can distribute it's token through it's own blog, message board, streaming service so on. Imagine how valuable this can be for already established communities!

My questions to you...

What do you think is the most promising market for a software like TokenBB? How do you think it can become attractive to already established communities? Share your thoughts below and I'll make sure to upvote the constructive comments.


I'd much prefer to use a Steem based messaging system than Discord, but I have to say that my first attempt to use TokenBB on the Next Colony board kept coming up with an error every time I tried to post.

I noticed you posted your comment quite a few times in the forum. What kind of error message did you see? You are the first this has happened to so we need all the information you have to pinpoint this.

Each time I tried to post got this strange error: "Opps, could not submit reply at this moment. Failed to read 'local storage' property from 'window' ...
Are you saying that the post went throught but I couldn't see it?
I'm using Brave on a Mac BTW.

The post went through:

I think I know what happened, Brave is blocking local storage so if you have shields up, our drafts feature does not work (and actually fails, breaking UX). I have noted that bug down.

I can only recommend taking the shields down for TokenBB as some features we use are violently blocked by Brave with no way for us to opt out.

Thanks for this. I'll lower shields ... but only if you promise not to send your destroyer fleet after me! :-)

I'll try to only send Dreadnought ;)

Hey man i remmeber when @jesta first made @chainbb and i remmeber the upvotes i would get from you @jesta and especially @cryptooctopus

i am a little sad tat as a steemian with SP i wasnt given 1 Free forum, even if you took most of thej beneficiary awards, i just wanted to test it out and i had alrteady paid for some chainbb forums in the past 10 steem was such a big investment back then :D

so this thing has discord based messaging? ya know discord has 2fa and with @discordtip bot you basically have custodial altcoisn wallets with steem sbd and eos included ... so i mean.... discord isnt all that bad... theres SO much discord integration with steem from thirdparties that id be suprised if discord doesnt come out with soem official blockchain integraion and wether thats with BTC or STEEM or EOS, or eth, eh, and i doubt steem can get through to discord bUT MAYBE... maybe they could.... official steem integration into discord coudl be written up into an amazing white papaer with beautiful mockup graphics... steem makes sense for discord integration maybe a byteball style attestation of accounts between discord and steem coudl work


LIKE IS AID it woudl eb NICE to give everyoen with say... 5000 SP... a couypon for 1 free forum :D to get teh ball rolling :D what do you say @cryptooctopus ?

Currently we charge 10 steem to discourage name squatting :) we don't want to have to take back names if someone reserved them 😅

If you have a plan for an awesome forum, hit me up and we can see about a free one 😊

Ohh really.. there is a nextcolony forum yeah! I'm gonna read up on things for my YouTube casts. Thanx!!

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A couple of attractive things about TokenBB for communities:

  • Easier to keep track of discussions on a particular topic compared to the blog roll or discord
  • For communities that do a daily post, TokenBB can keep things in the comments instead of cluttering the blog feed

What come to my mind, easy to log on and seamless with the steem blockchain.

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на форумі does not work Google-Translate, так що для багатьох це не має сенсу

There is always a scope of improvement to anything as nothing is perfect other than this reply typed on Android phone with spell check...

TokenBB is a great concept @cryptoctopus and it needs to me honestly a great UI.

Other than that I just love it.

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This is indeed a good news. Tokenbb is going forward. I hope I can enough funds to power my writeandearn forum

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