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Have you ever thought of establishing a business, but it is being held back by lack of funding?

This is a major issue for the MSMEs.

For the sake of some readers, let's quickly understand what MSMEs is all about.

MSMEs simply means Micro, Small and Medium-sized Establishments.
They are newly established businesses or enterprise, which could be a starting point for a giant enterprise tomorrow.

It is undeniable that, no system just became great overnight, every system were developed from the small stage to its great stage.
Development or growth into greatness doesn't come without challenges or difficulties.

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Over the years, MSMEs has shown to be one of the driving forces of every economy as it helps to to boost and develop the economy of a nation.

This is because, giant establishments might not be able to reach every member of the population, but MSMEs helps carry the needs of the general masses to them, in a small scale.
It helps reach the world.

So, for any economy to improve, it needs these small establishments to help anchor it's development.
MSMEs has a great role to play in every society and should not be neglected.

Statistics proves that 80% of the jobs available are provided by MSMEs, proving that it contributes immensely to the economy, unlike other establishments, even the giant enterprises.

That's not all, to show how great an anchor, MSMEs is, 90% of businesses are actually MSMEs.

Wow, that is unbelievable, but true.
That means, the remaining 10% is shared by the giant Enterprises and well established businesses.

This is an evidence that MSMEs pulls a lot of weight on the economy of every system.

Subsequently, for MSMEs, despite being called "small" being a vital part of the economy, also means coming across challenges.

So MSMEs everywhere, are also faced with different challenges such as funding issues and other challenges.

As an important part of the global system, MSMEs needs to be flawless so as to yield an increased output, so provisions needs to be made, to make MSMEs stronger.

Funding should be one of the major issues of the MSMEs to be addressed.
Because, funding is needed to set up MSMEs and setting it up isn't just the only job, it needs to be managed and maintained, that requires a good financial power too.

Quick question,

What if all these problems of MSMEs could go away?
Think of what it could mean, not just for the these MSMEs, but for the entire world system too.

Actually, it can all go away, with TOKOIN

TOKOIN has been designed to utilize the tools in the arsenals of MSMEs, to solve their problems and the problems of the global economy at large, because from the aforementioned statistics reports, once MSMEs us affected, the economy is affected too.

TOKOIN is a decentralized system which will improve MSMEs by ensuring the secured circulation of data and will also help to build MSMEs up, financially, by utilizing this data to generate funding for these establishments.

With TOKOIN platform, in partnership with other well developed system, expansion will actually becoming a possibility for MSMEs.

Remember, the economy of the entire world has MSMEs as it's anchor, so in any way possible, MSMEs needs to be supported, thereby supporting the economy as well, one of the ways to support and improve MSMEs, is through TOKOIN.


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