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Cryptocurrency has been in existence for over a decade and it has made tremendous impact in all spheres of life as it has been used as a platform for building various technologies. The success of most cryptocurrency project lies on the shoulders of its adopters who are tagged “the community”. These adopters buy tokens to support and fast track project development for massive adoption and of course, there is the reward of an increase in the price of these tokens.
ICO which means initial coin offering was used as a form of crowdfunding which served as a platform to buy tokens at a low price. In 2017, the cryptocurrency market was supersaturated with ICOs, sadly, a number of these ICOs had very sketchy plans to further develop their project or list on an exchange which led to adopters (investors) losing their funds. In 2019, we saw a rise in IEOs where adopters buy tokens on an exchange which secures a listing opportunity. However, only the best project can successfully launch an IEO on a top exchange. It is a known fact that a project that can duly satisfy all criteria needed to list on a top exchange has successfully proven the genuineness of the project.

With the aforementioned, we can draw a conclusion that an IEO done on kucoin; one of the best exchange in the crypto space has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that it is genuine, of good worth and can exist in the long haul. Tokoin fulfilled all necessary criteria and had its IEO on kucoin which sold out in minutes (details of the IEO will be discussed in my next review). This showed that from the inception of Tokoin market, there was a high level of adoption and a number of willing participants couldn’t buy tokens because it was not sufficient for all. Until this moment, there has been massive adoption as it is visible in the influx in the group and price action which is currently at a whooping X7 its IEO price.
Tokoin did not stop at IEO, they have gone ahead in securing various partnerships and developments are currently on top gear (details on partnership will be discussed subsequently). These are the pointers to look out for in order to determine a project that will be successful in the crypto space.
The details of the IEO were as follows:
Token Name: Tokoin (TOKO)
Token Type:ERC-20
Token Sale Participation Start Time: August 20, 2019(UTC+8)
Token Sale Participation End Time: August 23, 2019, 09:59:59(UTC+8)
Spotlight Hard Cap: 1,000,000 USD
Spotlight Allocation: 50,000,000 TOKO
Spotlight Token Sale Price: 1 TOKO = 0.02 USD
Token Supported: Kucoin Shares (KCS) Only

Final Thought
The adoption of cryptocurrency project is always visible in its price actions and inactions. So far, we can conclusively state that TOKOIN has seen massive adoption since the inception of its trading. An all-time high (ATH) which a number of projects couldn’t achieve was easily achieved by Tokoin and there has been progressive movement in price in the last few days. This is one pointer to the fact that this project will do greatly in the future. TOKOIN is the future of blockchain MSMEs. Do not miss an opportunity to be a part of this innovation.
To be a part of this innovation, you can get Tokoin on kucoin.

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