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All MSMEs have one thing in common which is they are still at infancy stage, doesn`t matter how old that particular enterprise may be there are reasons why it is still tagged under the MSME category. Now given the fact that they are still trying to grow one will assume that they don’t contribute much to the society but reverse seems to be the case because according to statistics, MSMEs have contributed up to 40 percent of GDP in developing economies and 60 percent of total employment rate, infact MSMEs have been known to make major contributions amounting up to 90 percent in key sectors like exportation, production, job employment/creation e.t.c especially in developing countries. MSMEs have been known to boost the economic drive of developing countries and even for economic global expansion.

Reason Why They Are “Successful”?

Possessing unique characteristics, MSME are highly flexible and easily adapts to almost every kind of business situations. A developing country will have a better, healthier growth in the future if its economic sector begins from ‘little’ thus MSMEs are highly beneficial in seeing to the economic growth of a country.

Problems Hindering The Success Of MSMEs.

  1. Lack Of Funds: These MSMEs do not have the funds necessary to push their business high up, they tend to always turn to banks for a loan but it is never granted to them as banks feel they are emerging markets thus are incapable of paying back the loan.

  2. Limited Resources: In order to grow, these MSMEs require endless access of resources and it most cases they are not gjven this kind of access, they work with small funding and limited facilities. Most MSMEs even lack the correct legal documents and collateral incase the need for a loan arises.

  3. No/Zero Access To Data: Modern day businesses leverages on data, it is infact the bedrock on which current businesses lay its foundation on but a lot of MSMEs do not have the necessary system needed to access these data because a lot of them are mostly offline and access to the data would really help in making beneficial decisions that may see to its growth.

These problems if they are not permanently solved would cause MSMEs to go extinct which would greatly affect the economic sector of any country particularly developing ones.

Tokoin has risen with a permanent solution to attend to these problems.

Tokoin is an already working industry/platform located in Indonesia whose main aim is to facilitate trustworthy data exchanges in a specified platform to enable MSMEs capable of meeting their needs for financing and business services without any kind of complications and this will be done by establishing the identity of MSMEs as an acceptable reputation in the business ecosystem by creating a digital business profile which records every data of every particular startup such as market activities, daily transactions and KYC process. This recorded data will then be transformed into valuable assets that MSMEs could use as a leverage and meet up to lending requirements posed by banks.


Tokoin with the aid of the Blockchain Technology assists MSMEs to gather non-financial data, verify it in the Tokoin ecosystem and also looks for an opportunity to create a trusted and reputable profile for the sector, this reputation makes it easy for these MSMEs to gain solid trust from banks, service providers and suppliers thus grants them access to loans and huge amount of needed data that will help them in decision making and begin to achieve business growth.

Also, to add to the growth of MSMEs, Tokoin would help in providing business partners that are likely to invest in the users business and this also depends on the users behavior.

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