Category A Prisoner - Tommy Robinson

Belmarsh Prison is a place for the likes of hook-handed terrorist Abu Hamza, child killer Ian Huntley and serial paedophile Richard Huckle who abused children from the ages of 6 months to 12 years. Now it has another Category A Prisoner - Tommy Robinson.

According to a government website, Category A prisons are defined as:

High-security prisons. They house male prisoners who, if they were to escape, pose the most threat to the public, the Police or national security.

You can find that by clicking HERE.

Michael Adebolajo Another Belmarsh Inmate
Michael Adebolajo Another Infamous Belmarsh Inmate

Category A Prisoner - Tommy Robinson

Tommy got sent to Belmarsh Prison after his farcical conviction, based on some very shaky legal ground. The presiding Judges and the Attorney General claimed he incited his followers to attack, harass and go after the defendants. The defendants the Judges were referring to at the time of Tommy's Facebook Livestream are now convicted paedophile child rapists.

This would not be the first time a British Court defined a context to produce a conviction. Can anyone remember the story of Count Dankula? He made a joke, yes it can be perceived as a joke in very poor taste, but he made it clear it was only a joke. The Scottish Judge in his case decided he would apply "the context" and convicted him anyway. Unfortunately, this is the current state of the British Judicial System. Context means NOTHING if the British Political and Judiciary Big-Wigs WANT a conviction.

The British Orwellian State

Aside from the thorough defence that Tommy and his legal team placed before the two "Appointed Judges" they decided to convict him with words he used outside of Leeds Crown Court OUT OF CONTEXT. Is there any further proof we need to see to understand the CORRUPTION of the Political and Judicial system.

The British judiciary is setting a dangerous precedent, one that we believe has every intention of squashing dissenting voices. George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four got it right, albeit a novel of fiction published in 1949, it has become a startling reality for today's "democratic" totalitarian regimes.

Orwell's book touched on the use of language to control the masses. The British Judiciary and its Political benefactors have not only sought to control language (free-speech v's hate speech, for example), but they are now defining CONTEXT as well.

This is Lawfare run amok, unabated, unchallenged and almost unanswerable unless maybe in a court of appeal? Let's hope the rot has not set in there, but sure enough, it will only be a matter of time with further "appointed judges", and without the constraints of a jury, further injustice will ensue.

What can we do now?

Tommy is banged up in prison because he cares more about vulnerable young girls getting raped, pimped out, beaten and abused for profit and perverted satisfaction than our government. Power-hungry demagogues in the British parliament are corrupt to their evil core. They advised Police Forces up and down the UK to not get involved in the systemic industrialised rape of British girls.

You can start feeling angry, outraged, and let our government know of your displeasure, not just at the atrocious ruling, but how they seem to be more concerned for Muslim paedophile rapists than the victims or for those who bring attention to this heinous industrialised systemic evil.

We ARE NOT calling for violence, although we doubt after this sham of a ruling that CONTEXT means very much to the British judiciary and their political promoters.

Muslim Child Gang Rape
The Cover Up - Muslim Child Gang Rape

Speak openly and loudly about the dangers of Muslim Child Grooming, wherever you see young girls being groomed then REPORT IT. This disgusting epidemic has gone on for way too long, its time to STOP MUSLIM CHILD GROOMING. Hold the Police, the local authorities and our government to account AT ALL TIMES.

As for Tommy, well we know he loves you all and thanks you for your unwavering support. You give him the strength he needs to carry this fight on. If you would like to get in touch with him then here are his details for sending letters wishing him well.

A2084CG - Stephen Yaxley Lennon
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
SE28 0EB

Or you can use the below email quoting his name/prison/number.

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Tommy is banged up in prison because he cares more about vulnerable young girls getting raped, pimped out, beaten and abused for profit

If that's the case, he can 'have a little chat' with 'serial paedophile Richard Huckle' Win-win !!

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