Town hall... And David... Maybe a negotiator we need from Tron?steemCreated with Sketch.

in #townhall10 months ago

Wow. Crazy had David hop into the town hall.

I'm kinda interacting then give up my spot just to listen.

And there are some great people that are asking questions and I want to hear the answers for these... Thanks guys. Some big beginning work.

And I'm left here smiling. They are feeling the heat and pressure from the community and chill out.


Who is David? What did he do? More information needed.

He is a Tron representative. I'll share more when I find his profile however he is brand new and actually amazing at wanting to negotiate and actually get some things done and the rift to be closed...

who is david? I don't follow the story (witnesses should have revenue sharing scheme with their voters).

great thanks, link me in the post so that I see it... have a nice day.

thanks for the link sadly, I have a strict policy of not watching video... it's too slow, I prefer transcripts.

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