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RE: 🍼 Which Developmental Toys Are Best?

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I do not have kids and never will but this will be great to keep in mind since other people seem to breeding so much us non-breeders need to deal with their second hand DNA . I woner if people will find it strange if I tend to always have kids toys with me, because you never know. :)

Great article, I like how you are able to do research like this damn you would have been the perfect partner for school projects.


Those damn breeders.....but ya know Pen - you just never know, and men can have children late in their "careers" - so let's never say never, shall we?

As far as carrying children's toys..... I might advise against that as it could be seen as a little, shall we say, creepy? Maybe just save those toys for when you actually go visit the new parents and baby.

I think doing a school project with you would probably be impossible because I'd just be laughing at your antics.