'Blow the balloon, share all candies' will be started at 22:00 Tonight (UTC+8)

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TokenPocket starts a new campaign called 'Blow the Balloon, share all candies' for 'Double 11 festival', has been supported by 11 DApp teams. The campaign will be started at 22:00 UTC+8,

How to Play

  1. Join the game through url provided by DApp teams or through DApp called '11.11 Candies' on TokenPocket. When number of participant reaches 1111, the balloon explodes. And all candies will share to all participants.
  2. At least 1 EOS in your balance
    3.Only available on TokenPocket

Start Time

Round One : 2018-11-10 22:00 UTC+8
Round Two : 2018-11-11 22:00 UTC+8

Claim Candies

It will cost a little CPU\NET\RAM to get the candies when game ends. Please claim your candies in time, or will be regarded as giving up after 2 days.

Special Thanks

EOSPOKER, EOSPlay, EOSALLIN(SCIBO), EOSTiger, BetDice, EndlessDice, EOS Lelego, K3, ENB, MyEosVegas, BigGame (in a random order)