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RE: Tradeqwik Announces Adjustment in Upvoting Strategy

in #tradeqwik4 years ago

Great! Now I have a question, are you going to automatically set the automatic upvote for us (the TQS holders)? or do we need to leave here the VIVA ID?
Just in case, my VIVA ID is 5493568735688774273
I'll try to get more TQS to get more upvote, at least one TQS more


If you were already in our system and you already own TQS, you should be good to go. If you just bought your first TQS, probably best to reach out to us on Discord to get set up.

Thanks! I already have! so I should get the upvotes :D

I would say so, but please reach out if it's not working for you as we outlined.

No, I haven't been receiving it as @kiokizz said, I only have 0.8 TQS, could that make it don't work?should I receive 0.80% upvotes?

Currently the votes are only being given per whole TQS.

all right :/ I'll try to get at least one in the next days

Looking at it appears you haven't been getting the automatic up-vote, so you may not be in the system.

What is tradeqwik?