it is a good time to buy steem !!!

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nobody knows where the market is going but there are higher probability entry points than others
right now an entry to add some steem to your wallet is a prudent time
I am trading the market exclusively as a professional for over 25 years so I have seen a chart or two

now why is this a good spot?

well trading is a profession so chart reading isn't explained a a quick blog spot
but over the course of many blogs I might be able to help out a little

whats bluntly obvious so is that trying to hack up the account with some bots and nickle and diming for newbies with up voting is from a top down approach a bit further down the list if you after the big bucks

that's not meaning that over time curation and valuable content creation and trying to increase ones followers isn't a prosper route including the help of bots and other nifty features
but haven't you all lost quite a bit in percentage with exchange rates on 2 exchanges until you had your steam which if once returned gets doubled and isn't the highest fluctuation if not held in steem dollars the daily exchange rate

so for those who speculate for monetary reasons reading the market right and picking good entry and exit points is an additional important tool if not the most important component to make a killing if so desired

the true value in steemit isn't the dough-it's exactly the opposite-while FB enjoys the labor of the posters creating value, to sell this value to advertisers for you to be spammed with advertisement to enrich itself as a corporation, steemit isn't a model built on greed and exploitation but it doesn't hurt to quire a skill to also be timely in ones adding more steem to ones account and as such if you follow my posts ya might pick up a principle or two on how to maximize your efficiency and enjoy the process while doing so.

thank you for your very valuable time

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proofs my point doesn't it :0)

not all smoke and mirrors

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