📈STEEM Investor Report 12 March 2018 (Bitcoin Reversal, Broader Market Up)

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Trading Recommendation:

HOLD, broader market appears to be oversold and will likely rebound, significant risk of STEEM falling if SBD returns to $1

Investment Recommendation:

HOLD, expecting to be much higher after the release of communities, SMTs, and partner applications

Analyst Commentary:

The STEEM price is up 6.91% verse the USD over the past 24 hours on lower volume ($4,788,700) as Bitcoin rises $9.86k and the broader market market is up in response. The broader market is repeating the activity from Friday-Saturday so it continues to be beaten down by the flood of Mt Gox Bitcoin. Korean trading still leads the volume and has increased to 59% of trading activity. New account creation data is not available today. The % vested indicator is up at 70.78% as the elevated SBD price continues to drive investment. Daily active account data is not available today. SBD is at $2.63 on Bittrex which is still very elevated over the peg, receive you rewards in 50% SBD and then use the SBDs to buy STEEM on the exchange. SBD conversions are a waste of money again!

For traders, I believe STEEM is fairly valued around the $3 level, but we will remain elevated until SBD returns to the $1 peg. On the investor side, I believe we will be significantly higher after communities are released and the account creation problem is solved (the timeline for this is currently unknown). I would power up your rewards and buy after STEEM corrects to the $3 level.

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Data Credit:

@penguinpablo Daily Report


The report published above is based on my assessment of the cryptocurrency market. Investors should consider this report as only a single factor in making their investment decision. All investments involve market risk, including possible loss of principal invested. The author is a cryptocurrency investor and while he seeks to provide honest assessments to the best of his ability may have a conflict of interest that could affect the objectivity of this report.


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Thanks for the updates. I plan on doing just that. Hodl. The markets are very volatile right now, it seems to be picking up today but I think we haven't seen the last of the Bears. I think we might still be in the bearish season. Time will tell