Day 2/365 How Much Steem Can I Earn In 1 Year

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Day 2/365 Daily Steem Earnings Log

If you've read my first two posts, you know that I am on a case study to see how much steem you can earn in 1 year starting with little money.


  1. Sell votes or delegate Steem Power to a Steem bot
    ----> You can read more about the bot that I use here
  2. Send SBD to steem bots to upvote your posts
  3. Mine speculatively and wait for a good pump, use proceeds to purchase steem

What happened in 24 hours

  • By selling my votes I have earned 0.12 SBD in the last 24 hours with 115.6 steem power
  • By sending money to upvote bots I have earned 0.35 SBD and 0.10 Steem Power (I sent out 0.6 SBD so this ended up being a bad investment this time).

    ----> Bots to not use : @danzy and @sportic
  • By mining ZCL I made ~4% of a ZCL coin or about 1.2 steem

    Totals: 1.31 steem and 0.47 SBD

Running Totals

2.5 Steem from mining

0.46 Steem from author curation

0.30 SBD from vote selling

Interested in following this study? Follow me @mybitcoinacademy

Yesterdays post can be found here


Hi there, I have made a post about upvote bots, they are no good at all. You should actually put the SBDs from SmartSteem into SP, plain and dry. It takes longer to see huge gain, but this way should be around 3.6% monthly at Steem values (not USD values). So in a year around 30-36% should be made, add the compounding effect and out of 1000 SP you should have even more.

For more scenarios use our SmartSteem calculator.


I use and vouch 100% for SmartSteem!


Yeah, i only use certain vite bots th at have given me a good roi, occasionally test new ones. So far i have one great one that consistently gives 30-60% roi but am just using smartsteem to sell my votes currently.

Check this blog please; I believe your view on the ROI matter is not accurate.


Bro, I have monitored this with an excel sheet that calculates it. I am aware how to calculate ROI. I send you 5 SBD and receive a 11 SBD upvote then my roi is low but i gain free steem power in the process. Ill check out your post though.

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