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 Gods Unchained is the first REAL game on the blockchain that people are actually playing right now.

The Game is currently in beta. Userbase is growing daily.
If you ever played Hearthstone you will feel right at home

The game is free to play and you can win pretty easily games with the f2p cards. You earn one booster pack for every lvl up.
But you can also buy cards. Those are the Genesis set cards. The Genesis set is only available in the beta phase. Those cards will probably be worth good money if the game gets a large user base, which is very much possible as it's growing daily and is backed by Coinbase and others.

The cards are currently NOT sellable and NOT transferable, you can sell/trade your cards with the full launch in october.

Also every weekend is a tournament where you play the ranked mode. If you win enough games/you are good enough you are rewarded with GENESIS BOOSTER packs.
Plus currently they are doing a lottery giveaway. For every win you earn 100 raffle tickets. With those tickets you can win rare ingame items and even a mythic card (one mythic was auctioned for $63,000). You can also sell those raffle tickets right now. Currently worth about $1 for 100 tickets (1 win).

At the end of the first season will also be a tournament with a prize pool of $ 1.6 million.

For meta research you can head over here: https://gudecks.com

To join the beta you need an invite code: https://godsunchained.com?beta-key=pdsYFYtRXt

If you have any questions ask in this thread.
I know the first games and deck building is a bit tough if you never played other trading card games but it get's pretty easy and clear after some time. 


you can sell your raffle tokens when you win games.. it's not worth a lot of ETH and you would loose out on the raffle; but it's a damn fun game! ETH is a questionable blockchain since 'scalability' seems to be an issue (from what I have heard)

tried and not really amused.
i played Hearthstone years ago, i liked it.
this Gods Unchained somehow felt sluggish on my MacBook Pro the card economy plan didn't convince me.

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