Train Observation: Stunning The Train Door Pt.2

in #train3 years ago


I was standing at the platform waiting for the current Train to leave, as my train will be the next one to come. I hear the beeping sound of the door closing, and I looked to see if there are anyone who was going to rush through it just before it closed.

The door had gotten past the half way closed mark where it was way too narrow for anyone to go through, and I thought "Oh, no one was going to try and rush through today?", but just as I was thinking that I saw a tall man rushed up the stair.

He saw that the door was already down to around 30cm of space, and normally this is when people start to slow down and walk off as they were never going to make it through, but I keep looking as he showed no sign of stopping and charged with full speed towards the train door.

To Be Continued…

If you have missed part 1, you can find it here:
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