Open Letter to Ned and Steemit Inc

Dear Ned and Steemit Inc decision makers,

Over the years my team has done our best to the support the Steem ecosystem as a witness and contributors.

You are not instilling trust in the Steem blockchain as a whole when your direct on-chain statement reads:

Moving STEEM to secure wallets. Steemit's STEEM supports our Mission, Vision and Values which are built on Steem and Our vision is to grow into a vibrant communities web app, expanding the boundaries of community coordination and online discussion by incorporating cryptocurrencies as incentives. The company focuses on sustainability and decentralization by lowering run costs and increasing revenues by increasing stickiness through better homepage and community tools, and while always demanding a secure and safe, client-side signing experience.

This directly translates to yourself hiding STEEM from the community, investors and witnesses. The obvious reason for it is a lack of trust. The secondary and tertiary reasons are not as readily evident but hold the undertones of money laundering.

You are fully aware that the Steem blockchain has security mechanisms built in. The STEEM in any given account cannot be affected by any external malicious parties without a major hardfork. The private keys are unbreakable within the limits of current technology. No one knows this better than ourselves who have helped countless stakeholders and investors recover their accounts from compromise attempts.

Ned, yesterday you mentioned that you do not trust witnesses and are willing to use Steemit Inc's stake to vote in Steemit Inc-approved witnesses as necessary in order to shift the consensus balance. Steem witnesses are amongst the most transparent and best-qualified in the cryptosphere. They are senior developers, executives, PhD academics and innovators. Witnesses respect and trust one another, irrespective of our rank. We have to in order to deserve the trust that the community puts in us. Yet you do not.

I and my team ask you to halt the powerdown and covert fund redistribution of official Steemit Inc account holdings and adhere to the transparency that you and your team promised the community. We ask that Steemit Inc holds itself to operating in a transparent manner now and going forward.


The GuiltyParties Team


Ned, yesterday you mentioned that you do not trust witnesses and are willing to use Steemit Inc's stake to vote in Steemit Inc-approved witnesses as necessary in order to shift the consensus balance.

Wait...what? He said this yesterday? I thought that they abandoned the whole witness-stacking thing? Or will they begin voting again after they dump all of that ninja-mined stake on the exchanges? Because if they’re dumping STEEM, their votes won’t matter much anyway.

Doesn't take long to power up though! Into other accounts of course. Get the intern to manage those thousands of accounts.

So sorry if I don't understand what is going on here but, is this the account that is trying to power down the 34,000,000 STM?

Yes. It is the STEEM account for, Inc.


Well, I wouldn't trust a witness, that is blackmailing giving out generous offers.

I sense drama ahead..

(I didn't mean you with this comment, there are others, whose post could be read that way. Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Where is Steemit Inc's? You're clearly in both, come on share with us.

"Q" Trust The Plan................

I second this.

CC @ned & @steemit

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He said he doesn't trust witnesses? Why? Is this paranoia or legitimate reasoning?


To some paranoia = legitimate reasoning.

Just because your paranoid doesn't mean someone is not out to get ya. It may have helped if witnesses like your witness committee had posted your support of Steemit, Inc. when the pull request first happened on github rather than after the fact like this post.

Good point. I guess no one thought that Steemit Inc would react like this to some random code suggestion in a repository that they control. No one would've accepted that PR and no one that I know of at least had any intention to run it should it have been accidentally accepted.

I mainly deal with onboarding investors/projects and so my contact usually isn't with Ned but with some of his staff. It's been business as usual from our end and from their end, but once again its not decision-maker level.

You guys and @ned should meet IRL so the presence can resolve this problem ASAP.

I am against piracy, for protection of property rights and chain immutability.

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That would be a good idea.

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Though I sense there is more going on here, it is only a suspicion since there is low transparency. Thank you for writing this and participating in this important discussion on our behalf :)

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Dear @guiltyparties

I love how mature and calm you are comparing to many others, who cannot accept @Ned lack of communication.

I wonder how things will play out between you guys (witnesses) and Ned. Small people (like myself) can only stare and pray.


Good post! DiveCrewCanada sent me over.