Help get Steem added to Travala!

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Call to Action!

Matt Luczynski, the CEO of Travala just asked on Twitter: ”What tokens/coins should we list next on next?”

Please comment on this tweet for STEEM to be added to - a website for booking hotels and airplane tickets with crypto.

I travel a lot and would exclusively use Steem for my travel accommodations if we get a listing on Travala!

Leave a comment on the above tweet asking for Steem to be listed and post your proof of work in the comments of this post for an upvote.

Let's get Steem accepted everywhere!

Post Beneficiaries: 100% @steem.dao



It would be a good fit to get some of the travel apps involved too :)

great idea, maybe we can do some sort of collab with them.

Travala is a fantastic concept - using crypto directly for travel bookings. Leave out the middle man of the bank.

I think it's a little late, but it's better late than never. :)



I hope this helps - #Steem is ideal to be listed there given the #travel focus and our working DApps or initiatives.

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 21.52.54.png

@theycallmedan, Kindly find the below Screenshots for your reference.


Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed brother. 🙂


I also love to travel. If Steem added, that will be great friend.

Done and this is link of my response. Thanks

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Hi Dan

I have done.

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I have contributed in efforts to make steem listed on travala






Sounds like something the TravelFeed community would love :) Happy to support our coin as always. Thanks for the info Dan.

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Of course I supported Steem again. Thanks for helping Steem to get even bigger, you're a true hero @theycallmedan 🦸‍♂️

Thanks for pointing this out. Tweet done and I resteemed to my followers

Screenshot of (3) Matt Luczynski on Twitter_ _What tokens_coins should we list next on https___t.co_xs3yX9LyQb next_ #listing #listings #cryptocurrenc ....jpg

BOOM!! Done...

Let's get this in the bag



STEEM and SBD (Steem Based Dollars) please Matt

— Atma Love - I ❤️ STEEM! (@IamAtmaLove) February 1, 2020

Crossing your fingers to look at the Steem on that list

Commented asking for steem to be listed. Also with an explanation as to why steem is the best and biggest blockchain social network.

It would be fantastic if us travellers could spend the Steem that we earn from blogging about our travels on Steemit
2020-02-01 (2).png

It's done : )

Wouldn't that be something to have Steem listed on a travel booking site!

So, let's do it! Resteemed, retweeted his tweet and tweeted here:

BTW... I've published a post from my account also to let my followers know about it.
I hope... steem will be added to travala.

You already got your reward, bro.
Be neat... don't start spamming.

See the time bro when i post. Its not spamming.

I didn't say it's spamming.
I just advised you not to after seeing two comments.
I don't think the author wants multiple submission from same user.

Vai 10 minit er modhe post dise kontai reward debe jantam na tai. Photo and link tutoi disi lam. Bro, r ami bolsi ami notun tai buji kom.

@theycallmedan This is actually something that should already have happened. There's tonnes of travel bloggers on this platform and like I said in my reply... Steem is the theoretical laces to their shoes... Hopefully we'll get it listed here and keep pushing Steem forward!!!


Liked, Commented and Retweeted. I am Sure Steem will go places this New year as we all know by now #Steem belongs in the MOON!


Hello sir looks My Post

Got it through and more steemians will definitely make an impact

Never heard of Travala, but why the fuck not, I guess!

Voting for Steem!

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I am looking at travala with an small investment but if it adds steem I will definitely increase my investment in it.

I did that today! Guys keep it up I am new here but I understand the advantage of using Steen in traveling and accomodations would be so wonderful.

Done. Steem for the win

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Left a Tweet and upvoted all other ones!

I want to thank you and encourage you for all your positions that you do
I would like to ask you to help me also on the blockchain
I'm new

Follow me 🙏

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