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RE: Eating beetles and bugs in Chiang Mai, Oh My!

in #travel3 years ago

EEEEEEEEEE :P how you could eat them, Sir, :p
It looks weird to me :p
I heard some people talk about this, but never seen this :p
today you i got a view by coutesy of you sir!


Haha, have to try something at least once. Insects are actually easy to farm, a great source of protein, and cheap. Possibly what a lot of the developing world will be eating for nutrition.

Wow! Really ? are they really a Source of protein, thanks to adding new information to my tiny mind :p
Today you have posting something new, i was expecting a party post with friends :p

i want to add something :p
you are looking cool in the glasses btw :p

Haha! I will do a party post next time for travel

I do remember your last post, You are a beer man or i can say a party beer man,

I want to ask something, can i ?

Desperately waiting for it man!