Easy Hike in upper Styria

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Today my family hiked up a place named Schäffer-Huber Alm (https://goo.gl/maps/TbD2LxWn46fuvd4n6). A nice spot in the Pogusch Region in Styria. In Winter it's a preferred public place for toboggan rides along the road leading up to the Jausenstation (a small eatery offering simple and rustic fare).

Here's a view into the valley with the town of Kapfenberg.

There are two ways to get up there, alongside the road, means you could go there by car too. That also means it's quite easy to walk, and some sporty shoes will do. On the entrance to the forest road (Weissenbachgraben W
eg is the roads name) leading up, you can find parking spots too.

Best way is through the woods. For that trail you should have proper footwear.

Besides some nice views,

There other kinds of beautiful sightings along the way
The Plate on the fountain states, this spring is here since 1754 , and was rebuilt in 1999, and still delivers ,cool, crystal clear and tasty water.

That's what the JausenstationSchäffer-Huber looks like

On our way back we came by this wood
and it did smell like Chanterelle😉 So we have a part of lunch for tomorrow too
Don't pick more as you need, and always leave some mushrooms to keep fungus alive.

Stay safe and enjoy your day!

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